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Friday, August 05, 2005

Jewish Terrorist?

I must confess that I am both saddened and dissappointed in the act of terrorism a Jewish settler committed today. By shooting up a bus full of arabs he has debased himself to the level of the foul jihadi terrorists who have been plaguing Israel for years.
I have always been a staunch supporter of the Israeli people in their struggle for peace in a hostile part of the world. The fact is that most Muslims want Isreal taken from the Jews and made into an Islamic nation. The fact is that the terrorists who have been murdering Jews for years have been allowed to continue because local arabs are disinclined to stop them. The fact is that Isreal belonged to the Jews long before Islam ever existed, and it belongs to them now. I support the Isrealis, and stauchly defend Isreal's soveriegnety as a Jewish state. But I cannot support acts of murder and terror.
The Isreali man who shot up that bus was beaten to death on the spot by a mob of Arabs, and it was rightly done. Murderers do not belong alive in this world. The only thing that would have been better is if that mob had taken him alive to the authorities and lett he proper chanels convict and condemn him to death for his murders. I support the same treatment of Muslim terrorists. Murderers should die.
I hope this is not the beginning of a new trend for Isrealis. So far they have proven themselves to be better than their enemies by not stooping to their level. The Isrealis have been the noble and long suffering side of the conflict. The Isrealis have been the unjustly persecuted ones. I call on them to continue to be noble and long suffering. Nothing good can come of murder. However, if the attacks on the nation of Israel continue it is fully within their rights to declare war and use the military to destroy their enemies.


  • quote: The Isrealis have been the noble and long suffering side of the conflict.
    "long suffering": ok, but isn't everybody suffering in a conflict like this?
    "noble": if you believe that a whole group of people can be "noble" you're dangerously close to racism. I suppose there will be a "noble" Arab around somewhere, and a "not-so-very noble" Israeli.
    Anyway, you must have heard about Goldstein's report...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:32 AM  

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