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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Down With Public Schools!

Is it wrong to assume that the reason children who go to private schools get a better education than ones who go to public schools is that private schools get are better funded? It is!
Fact: The average private school operates on a smaller budget per student than even the worst public schools.
"How can this be?" you ask. Simple, it's called beuracracy. More public school money is wasted in the massive beauracracies that run them than is reasonable. There is really no direct correlation between the amount of money public schools get and the quality of education the children recieve. Sure extra money pays for more after school programs, better sports equipment, new textbooks, and the like. But the students still manage to not get the same quality of education as their private school counterparts.
Fact: The average private school student has more self discipline than the average public school student.
Private schools have in their education contracts with the parents clauses that allow them to take disciplinary actions that public schools are forbiddden to by law. Private schools are also not obligated to adhere to the mainstreaming of so called disabled students, specifically ones deemed to be "behavioally disabled". Behaviorally disabled is a term used to describe students who refuse to behave in class, thereby eliminating any disciplinary action of any kind that would correct the problem. The simple fact is that children need a strong structure with appropriate, again APPROPRIATE freedoms in order to deveolop and grow into responsible members of our society. Discipline is what causes students to actually study and do their homework, and what causes adults to get to work on time every day and take loving care of their children. The public schools have no discipline, private schools have great discipline.
Fact: Your gifted student is less important to the public school system than the "Special" ones.
Genuinely disabled students, like ones who suffer from mental retardation are required by law to be fully mainstreamed into regular classes with the students whose brains actually function at a high enough level to comprehend the classwork without disrupting the learning process for the other students. Also children with learning disabilities like dyslexia are also fully mainstreamed without recieving the seperate training they need to overcome their disability and then get mainstreamed. This is a disservice to the disabled students and the non-disabled students alike. It is improper to treat such a diverse student body as if they were all the same without regard to special needs. Apparently the public school system thinks that doing this would hurt a child's self esteem.
Fact: Vocational training is rapidly vanishishing from the public school system.
Auto shop, wood shop, metal shop, and other vocational classes that teach marketable skills to students who do not want to go to college are being phased out of many public school systems. This makes no sense to me since college is not the place to go to learn how to be a carpenter, mechanic, machinist, electrician, plumber, heavy equipment operator, or many other essentail and highly paid forms of skilled labor. I propose that students who want ot go into such fields should be apprenticed out in the afternoons while taking vital academic courses like English, Math, HIstory, Science, and Civics in the morning.
Fact: Most private school teachers make more than public school teachers.
No way! With less money than public schools? Impossible! Unless there is less money vanishing into a cumbersome beauracracy.
Fact: The government would actually save money if it privatized all the schools and simply gave tuition vouchers to the parents to spend on the school of their choice.
Doing this would foster competition among the various schools to provide better educational opportunities than the others to attract the most and best students. It's simple economics; a private school will vanish if it cannot get students because it will not have money. It would also give families the power of choice, and therefore more control over their children's futures. It would also allow the schools to operate in accordance with local charters that parents could use as a criterion to decide iif they want their children attending that school, rather than suffering under bulky, well-intentioned, but usually harmful laws and Department of Education rules and regulations. It would also wipe out most of the Department of Education itself, reducing it to just a few people who make aptitude tests and monitor the results our schools get from afar, and save us millions of tax dollars. There would also be the issue of bad teachers who can't be fired under the current rules of the public school system. Private schools can freely dump bad teachers. For you seperataion of church and state people who worry that some parents will spend the vouchers on religious schools, get over it! It's called freedom of choice. Once the government releases the funds (vouchers) to a private citezen it is the citezen, not the government allocating the money to the religious school. Seperation of church and state remains intact.
So down with public schools! Privatize them all! Give parents school vouchers so they can have the power to choose the best school for their children's futures! Bring American education into the new century and allow us to realize our true potential!
p.s. No I don't know how to spell beauracracy, or beaureau, I went to public school.


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