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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Delayed Alito Hearings

Judge Alito will not begin the confirmation process before the New Year. This is troubling, and not just because it means the Democrats managed to successfully delay the process, I couldn’t care less about that.

What makes this delay troubling to me is the fact that between now and when he is confirmed, and he will be confirmed, the Supreme Court will hear some key Constitutional cases regarding abortion and freedom of religious expression. With Judge Alito on the Court we can rest assured the Majority vote will be the right one. However, with Sandra Day O’Connor still on the Court every case is a coin toss.

The Democrats are counting on this last-minute, last ditch effort to use the Supreme Court to swing the nation more to the left against the Voter’s will.

On top of that, the verdicts for several cases that were badly decided that Sandra Day O’Connor was the deciding vote on will be read. With her still on the Supreme Court these decisions will be final. If she were no longer a sitting judge her vote would be nullified and there would be a tied decision which would require a retrial after Judge Alito is confirmed, and most, if not all of these cases would be decided the other way as a result.

The Democrats do not want to let this happen.

So this delay in the confirmation process is a great victory for the Democrats, and a great loss for America. Congratulations, Dems, on screwing up our home just a little bit more.


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