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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Democrat’s Dream

This following is a comment from
  • The Impeach Bush Coalition

  • With a few spelling corrections made.

    First things first!Unseat as many Repugnant Congressmen and Senators as possible in Nov 06.If the Dems can take the House, they can impeach....but only if they can get the act solidly together. Has to be done quickly, but thoroughly.If the Dems have a two or three seat majority in Senate they can quickly convene to hear the Articles of Impeachment (and, if necessary invoke Frist's "nuclear option").Cheney takes the oath and the Dems in Congress begin the action......Like dominoes . . . like dominoes.


    This is the great hope of all of those people who are still upset that 52% of the country voted to keep Bush in office. Apparently ultra-liberal crybabies know better than the rest of us what is good for the country. They believe that since they lost the election they MUST get enough Democrats elected into Congress to impeach Bush, then Cheny, then anyone else affiliated with the current administration who takes on the role of President. Their great hope is to abuse the political system in a way never before seen in America so they can smear conservatives and force their private agenda on the rest of us.

    These people don’t know their history. Impeachment proceedings backfired on the Republicans, and one of America’s greatest leaders, Newt Gingrich, was taken down by them when they failed. This kind of unhinged hostility will only further the schism in America between conservatives and liberals. Rest assured it will result in more people turning to the right, and voting Republican.

    Conservatives celebrated a great victory when we voted President Bush into office for a second term, beating out the traitor John Kerry by millions of votes. Had the Iraq war not so galvanized the people opposed to Bush he would have won in a giant landslide. As it were, war has proven to be a definite motivator of people who oppose the current power structure.

    This said I want to emphasize the importance of the 2006 elections. Be sure to vote for the best candidates during the primaries. Fight against the election of ultra-liberal wackjobs that are sure to be put up by the far left base of the Democratic Party. This shouldn’t be too hard since the far left tends to favor people who are repulsive even to moderates Democrats. Still, be vigilant, work hard, vote right.

    Oh, and don’t be shy. Feel free to stop by the Impeach Bush Coalition and tell them exactly what you think of their lies.


    • The truth means nothing to these snakes. They pay people (particularly law students, profs, writers) to hog blogs, harass conservative bloggers, and promote pure BS.

      Devious and evil people.
      But hey, didn't Al Gore invent the internet?



      By Blogger Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret., at 7:04 AM  

    • Exactly right, Daniel. It's hard sometimes to stay positive with so much negativity in the MSM, and the Democrats screeching, hollering and lying all of the time. If it weren't for blogging and Rush Limbaugh I would go nuts... may have gotten there already anyway! :)

      By Blogger Gayle, at 7:20 AM  

    • I don’t think we have to worry too much about the election of ultra-liberal wackjobs. It’s the “liberals in conservatives clothing” that worries me!

      I remember all to well the con job Bill Clinton sold the American people.

      By Blogger blamin, at 12:51 PM  

    • Ah, yes. Two terrible critters: RINOs(Republicans In Name Only) and DID's(Democrats In Disguise)!

      Just on a side-note here, I hate the recent redefining of "extreme" by the media. Those on one side of the aisle are assumed normal(those who want Roe V Wade to stand) and those on the other side(those who want it overturned) are "extreme". So what exactly is the opposing opinion here? Those who only want a few babies killed?

      Of course, we have nothing to worry about in '06 as long as ignorant junk like that above continues to spew.

      By Blogger Rebekah, at 1:00 PM  

    • My concern with extremists getting into office is the increased polarization and activation of the far left that could very well get wackjobs put into office. As far as the RINO's and DID's, we need to watch out for those people too. Bait and switch seriously sucks.

      By Blogger Daniel Levesque, at 2:41 PM  

    • And when we ARE able to impeach Bush because 2/3s of the country no longer trusts him? Will you thank God and your fellow citizens for the Democratic process at work? Or will you complain that most people are just stoopid?

      And don't worry about extremists getting in to office, the Dems are still having their strings pulled by the same (or similar) corporate masters as the Republicans.

      I'll point out again that progressives and the further left (as well as the far left, of course) have rejected both Clinton and Kerry as weak-kneed moderates.

      By Blogger Dan Trabue, at 5:22 AM  

    • Well, I just decided to "illustrate absurdity". You might want to re-check that site - some "code pink person" just disputed your claims... hehe.

      By Blogger Rebekah, at 12:59 PM  

    • Heh, Such vitriol . . . such abject illiteracy. Ahhh, yes. HAte and ignorance do go together like and bread and butter.

      By Blogger Daniel Levesque, at 1:13 PM  

    • From the code pinkies that is.

      By Blogger Daniel Levesque, at 1:13 PM  

    • "And when we are able to impeach Bush."

      What a bunch of hooey! The liberal playbook is just the same as when I graduated college in 1974. Watergate, Vietnam, and investigate conservatives. The so called progressives live in the glorious past of the days of the '68 Chicago Convention and Nixon's resignation.

      By Blogger Rick's Corner, at 6:24 PM  

    • Dan Trabue -

      Just because the President isn't trusted isn't grounds to impeach him. You want to remove him from office, you simply wait until the next election. If two thirds of the people don't trust him, he won't get re-elected.

      Oh, wait. He can't get re-elected, can he?

      Ah, THAT'S why they're so rabid about the impeachment thing. It's the only chance at vindication.


      By Blogger Jerry, at 4:39 AM  

    • Pachouli, Pot, Punk Pop Rock & Passivism.

      Ahhhh...ignorance truly IS bliss.

      "It's great to be young and insane!"

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:16 PM  

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