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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Preliminary Presidential Match-ups

Based on the current field of Presidential hopefuls, this is how I intend to vote depending on who wins the nominations. In all match-ups the Republican is first and the Democrat is second.

McCain : Clinton = McCain
McCain : Obama = McCain
McCain : Richardson = Richardson
McCain : Vilsack = ?
McCain : Gore = McCain
McCain : Edwards = McCain

Guilianni : Clinton = Guilianni
Guilianni : Obama = Obama
Guilianni : Richardson = Richardson
Guilianni : Vilsack = Vilsack
Guilianni : Gore = ?
Guilianni : Edwards = ?

Romney : Clinton = Romney
Romney : Obama = Romney
Romney : Richardson = Romney
Romney : Vilsack = Romney
Romney : Gore = Romney
Romney : Edwards = Romney

At this point all other probable candidates are inconsequential. While this may change as the election looms nearer, the actual possible match-ups when the dust settles are the ones I have listed. The Republican field is definitely narrower than the Democrat field, largely because of a lack of realistic alternatives to the three men I have mentioned, at least, alternatives who will run for Presient in '08. The Field of Democrats is wide open, and out of what is sure to be many challengers, the candidates that I have listed here are proabably more likely to win the nomination than any others who may or may not have declared an intent to run yet. Yes, I left John Kerry out on purpose because there is no way he can win a second nomination by the Democrats after the way he let them down, grasping defeat from the jaws of what could have been an easy victory in '06. His blunders as a candidate galvanized the Republicans in a way that only Hillary Clinton can hope to exceed.

I will update this list if it becomes neccessary, but probably not before the nominees have been chosen. I know politics wel enough to decide who I intend to vote for before I hear most of the potential Presidential candidates open thei mouths. See, I know their records and their personal beliefs.


  • Interesting. I'll have to start looking into these things more. I can finally vote next election, and I want to have an idea at least of what I'm voting for.

    By Blogger Robert M., at 10:57 AM  

  • Yeah, it looks like Republicans are in a tight spot. I think that Romney is probably their best bet.

    I mean, I think McCain is the most electable in a national/fall election of the three you mentioned, but I don't think he can survive the primary process.

    McCain is the only one that would worry me as having a chance of winning against most of the Dems you mentioned. UNLESS, the Dems did something boneheaded like running Hillary or Kerry again. Otherwise, it's looking like an uphill battle for the Republicans, seems to me at this point.

    By Blogger Dan Trabue, at 7:50 PM  

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