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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy in Virginia

Yesterday the worst mass murder by shooting on American soil in history was committed. 32 dead, including the murderer who shot himself at the end. Words cannot describe the horror of such a monstrous act committed anywhere, much less a school, in this case a university, a place where we expect our children to be safe and learn knowledge and skills they will need to have a successful future. Having the lives of children tragically cut short in such a manner and in such a place is heartbreaking.

I do not use profanity lightly, but some is coming. If you are easily offended do not read on.

The only mercy in this whole disgusting situation is that the sick fuck who committed this atrocity also killed himself, which saves us the trouble of having to kill him. I do not care who he is, what his ethnicity is, what his affiliations are, if he had mental health issues, or anything else. I only care that he murdered 31 innocent people. Such an act must be met with punishment by death. Unfortunately, the court system keeps death row inmates around sometimes for decades before finally meting out justice. The murderer took his own life at the end of his murderous spree, and that saved us the trouble of trying him in a court system that looks for any excuse to let sick bastards like this off the hook and to extend their lives when justice demands execution.

Some people are using this tragedy as an opportunity to call for greater gun control. I however, cannot help but wonder how many lives might have been saved if even 2% of the students in the classes he shot had been carrying concealed weapons and therefore been able to shoot back. What if someone in the first building had been armed and shot the murderer? Would that not have saved the lives of everyone who died in the second shooting?

Do not make the mistake of blaming the guns for this crime. If guns were not so tightly controlled someone might have had one and stopped this murder spree before it had the chance to reach its horrific conclusion.

Gun control, laws preventing guns from being carried on any school property, and other measures taken to prevent gun crime did not stop this shooting spree from happening, and they never do. If we start banning guns because of this then there will be more gun violence as the criminals who don’t respect any law, much les gun control laws, are able to wield guns illegally while the law abiding population is left defenseless. The proof is in, cities that have concealed carry have less crime than cities that ban it. Crime, especially gun crime, rises when guns are banned. Do not make the mistake of banning guns in the misguided belief that doing so makes it safer. The opposite is true.

If only some of the students in those classrooms were armed and could have shot back . . .


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