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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kill the Bastards!

I want something out right now for all to know. I firmly believe that the only fitting punishment for the most vile criminals in America is death. Not life in prison without possibility of parole, death.
So who are the most vile criminals in America? That's an easy one.
First are the murderers. Anyone who intentionally murders another human being, be it a result of gang violence, anger, terrorisim, or any of the other reasons for plotting to kill another human being and carrying it out deserves to die for the crime.
Second are the rapists. To forcibly rape a woman, or man, is not only vile and disgusting, it also causes permanent psychological damage to a level that many victims wished to die rather than live with the pain and shame of the horrible violence committed against them. Rapists should die.
Third are the child molestors. People who prey on the most helpless members of our society are the sickest of the sick. What's worse, they are the most likely people to repeat their crimes. these people more than any other need to never blight our streets again. They must die.
Fourth are the drug dealers. The drug trade is responsible for many murders, thefts, rapes, funding of terrorists, assaults, and more than any other criminal activity manages to destroy entire communities and kill and maim innocents in its' wake. Being a cog in this institution is to either commit, or to aid and abet every last one of these crimes. Drug dealers must die.
Why must these people die? Come on, ask a hard question, this is too easy.
These people must die not just because the crimes the commit are the most disgusting, agregious, and vile acts imaginable. They must die to protect the rest of us from them. They must die to deter others from committing these same crimes. They must die because it is a grave injustice, and I would say criminal, to ever let such people back into society for any reason. They must die because they do not deserve to get three hots and a cot plus full medical and dental as well as a free college education on the taxpayers dime when honest citezens cannot get the same benefits. It's unthinkable to reward such awful people with such niceties for doing such horrid things to their fellow man. Don't burden the victims by forcing them to care for these people!
How can I advocate such a barbaric punishment? I will go into this in far more depth in another posting, but here's the short version.
It is no more barbaric to kill one of these people thanit is to force them into a microcosm of society where they themselves will be raped, beaten, possibly murdered, and all with no hope of release. It is far more merciful to the rest of humanity to take these people out of the world. It will prevent all but the most determined people from committing these crimes, and as a result will save countless people from being victims of these same crimes. My concern is for the innocent victim, not for the criminal. I would rather kill the worst criminals and save the lives and livelihoods of honest, decent people than save the lives of criminals and allow the innocent to be raped, killed, etc. It is a great mercy to the innocent to give the harshest possible judgement to the worst criminals.


  • y dont u kill some of them...if u r honest about wat u think...I think your thoughts r pure n justified...but do kill some bastards.. it will motivate some ppl like u 2 take the same step.. so on n so 4th..letz make the change ourselves n not wait 4 somebody else to do it 4 us...!!be couragious enough to make this world a better place to live..!!

    By Blogger Raj, at 1:02 PM  

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