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Monday, September 26, 2005

Helping Persecuted Jews

Did you know that in many countries Jews are a persecuted people? In these countries not only do non-jews commit various atrocities against Jews, but many times the government or religious establishment in the area sanctions such acts. Persecution of Jews is especially bad in areas with large Muslim populations like the Middle East, the former Soviet states, and the Balkans. It is one reason why so many Jews are returning to Israel from all over the world, but not everyone can do it on his or her own.

To this end you should know that there are many charitible organizations helping afflicted Jews return to the Holy Land. These organizations are both Christian and Jewish. They use their resources to get Jews out of countries where they are persecuted and bring them to Israel. It is a noble and expensive endeavor, and in some places it is a risky one, but these loving people and their donors are doing a good work for God's Chosen People. The following is a list of websites for organizations doing this work, as well as others who offer aid to Jews remaining in those areas, I encourage you to check them out.


If you know of others please let me know and I will post their websites in this article.


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