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Monday, September 19, 2005

More on the Race Card

Apparently all it takes to be branded a racist by certain black leaders is to disagree with them or ask them to be responsible. I am talking specifically about Malik Zulu Shabazz, the leader of the New Black Panther Movementand member of the Nation od Islam. I had the priviledge of listening to him spout off a whole lot of hatred on the Sean Hannity show today, during which time this racist called Sean Hannity a racist for doing just as I have described. Let me elaborate.

This lunatic was spouting off Luis Farrakhan's absurd theory that the U.S. government blew up the levees to try to murder black folks. His only evidence was vague unsubstaniated claims of an insider in Washington (he refused to substantiate his own claims, always signal number one of a bald-faced lie), and a supposed twenty foot crater at the base of the levee that burst. Let's assume for a second that there is a crater since I know of no evidence supporting or denying this claim. Mr. Shabazz obviously needs a lesson in basic hydrodynamics and erosion. It is almost certain that a sudden onslaught of hundreds of thousands of tons of water slamming into and then coursing through a narrow passageway that wasn't there before would dig out a pretty big hole, or crater if you prefer. Water is the number one source of soil erosion, followed by wind. A sudden influx of water into an area that doesn't normally have that much will always erode large amounts of soil. You can learn this in any basic soils class, which he obviously has not taken.

This same man, when asked if he still believed what he had claimed in the past that Jews had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks responded that he has found no evidence to the contrary. No evidence to the contrary? Other than the fact that Jews died when the towers fell, there is also ZERO evidence to support the claim that Jews knew about the plot ahead of time. Yet this racist, anti-semite puke chooses to justify his hateful stance by saying no one has disproven his claims? What an (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) who needs to (expletive deleted) then go (expletive deleted) and get out of our lives!

When Sean Hannnity called him on this and reminded Mr. Shabazz of his civic responsibilty as a leader to act responsibly and not make claims that could incite violence unless they are firmly grounded in fact, he actually had the cajones to call Sean Hannity a racist! Now this tactic may work with some sniveling liberal who hates himself for being white and wants to make it up to everyone else by badmouthing himself, but a strong man like Sean Hannity would not tolerate such an absurd and hateful claim. He defended himself by stating rightly that he has never made any racist remarks and called Mr. Shabazz out as an anti-semite who is a follower of notorious racist Luis Farrakhan. I offer the following as proof, posted on www.adl.org on July 19, 2004 .

"The New Black Panther Party attempted to disrupt a July 7 interfaith vigil organized by the Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington, local religious leaders and elected officials in Washington, D.C. New Black Panther National Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz shouted at demonstrators, who had gathered to protest ethnic cleansing in Sudan, “God condemns you. ... Nobody on the face of the earth wants to agree with you or unite with you. ... The Zionist has no right to open his mouth anywhere on the planet.”"

So not only is this man a racist anti-semite liar, he is also anti-Christian (Christians comprise the majority of Zionists in the world), and anti-first ammendment! This is what a civil rights leader is today? What happened to great men like the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.? Where are the sane peaceful dreamers and leaders today? I'll tell you where, they are right under your nose, but you wouldn't know it for all the medeia attention they don't get. For an example of what a true responsible black leader is and does I suggest you check out the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson. The contrst between this man and other more famous civic leaders will amaze you. Don't be surprised if most of what you find about the man from our "impartial" left-wing press is negative. A good conservative black leader has no place in their agenda and is free to be ridiculed in ways they wouldn't dare ridicule Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Luis Farrakhan, et al. I for one think he and others like him are exactly what America needs right now, and I am convinced the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. would agree with me.


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