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Friday, September 30, 2005

Welfare and Racism

What would you say if I told you that welfare is a racist and sexist program that is being used by liberals to keep minorities and women down and dependent on the Democratic Party? You would probably call me crazy, so before I make that assertion let me explain my way of thinking on this subject.

Let me begin by saying that the stated, and the actual original intention of welfare is to take care of people who cannot care for themselves financially. That is to make sure that single women with children do not end up on the streets, and that families who lose all income for an extended period of time to carry them through until they get back on their on feet. This is a good and noble ideal. It is a good way to use welfare to help people in a temporary situation. Take note that temporary job loss is covered by unemployment, the elderly have social security, and that disabled people get disability, neither of which is part of welfare.

The problem is that it gets used as a permanent solution to a lack of income, and is designed in such a way that unscrupulous individuals can abuse it for basically lifetime income. Couple this with a group of people who know they can develop a power base by convincing people that they need to be cared for by the government and you get an adder in your bed.

Before I say what’s coming next let me explain that I do not believe that the majority of welfare recipients are knowingly or consciously abusing the system or sponging off the government.
There are now at least two generations of Americans who have grown up believing that welfare is the solution to their financial woes. And why not? Even two parent households have trouble affording large broods of children. Single mothers have it even worse with the insane cost of daycare. Did you know that in a household with two working parents and three children that the cost of childcare is more than at least one parent’s income in most families? That means that if the parent with the lowest paycheck simply quit working that the family would be better off financially. On top of that the children would have the benefit of having a loving parent around at all times to raise them properly. Given this expense how can a normal single mom with two kids make it in the world without welfare? How can a poor family with five or more children make it on even one parent’s income? These ideas of helplessness have been ingrained into the consciousness of America, and they are just not true.

Also, there is an attitude that at least two generations have been trained into with the help of liberal educators in conjunction with liberal politicians and activists. That attitude is “My country owes me for X.” My poor education, my lack of opportunities, my great, great , great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents being slaves, take your pick, there as many excuses for why the government owes every one of us as our imaginations will allow.

The end result is that there are many people living on welfare who not only don’t need to, but are actually much worse off for it.

Every town and city has a rich area and a poor area. Let me get you in on a dirty little secret . . . welfare never got anybody into the rich part of town. Welfare has done a great job of keeping people in the poorest parts of town, and that is exactly where the liberals want them.

Consider this; the vast majority of people on welfare are minorities, and with race being a non-issue the largest group of people on welfare becomes women. Now if welfare is keeping minorities and women in the poorest neighborhoods that means that it’s actually a racist and sexist program that prevents minorities and women from bettering their own lives.

Everybody hits tough times at some point in their lives. Many people are forced to use welfare to get back on their feet after some tragedy or another. But the ones that eventually leave the poor part of town and get into the middle class or even the wealthy part of town are the ones who worked hard, got off welfare, and moved up in the world. This is why conservatives keep talking about giving people a hand up instead of a hand-out.

There are great ways to give people a hand up too. There are numerous free scholarships and grants for poor people seeking an education to community colleges, universities, and trade schools. The government offers low interest student loans to everybody. All that anyone needs to get these aids the ability to get into a school. College isn’t for everybody, that’s why trade schools are so great. In weeks, months, or a couple of years anyone can learn a trade that will earn them a high paying job. So educational opportunity is the first and most important thing people need to improve their quality of life, and we all have it.

Second, we need to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to get a great primary education. Give people the opportunity and most will take advantage of it. Some people waste that opportunity. Some people neglect their primary education so badly that they get out on their own without the ability to get a better education. It is my experience that these are the people who grow up expecting mom, pop, or Uncle Sam to take care of them because for some reason they are owed it. That’s okay. Anyone whose sole ambition in life is to be taken care of by the government should absolutely have that care given to them . . . while they are busy serving in the infantry. It doesn’t take an education to learn how to shoot a gun. And while they’re earning their keep maybe they’ll decide to take advantage of all the free educational opportunities the military offers so that when they eventually do get out they can get a good job and have a successful life.

Single moms present a special problem. I would never want any mother to be unable to care for her children, and I certainly don’t want any mother of any kind to risk seeing combat and getting killed. Think of the children, they deserve their momma and they deserve the opportunity to grow up and be successful. So I suggest free daycare for needy families with all parents in the workforce.

Childcare is really only needed until the children go to school. Once they are in school we have a wealth of opportunities for the betterment of the children until their parents get off work. They’re called after school programs. Sports, academic clubs, band, study hall, all available and all could be free until around five-o-clock when the parents get off work or get out of school themselves if they are in college or trade school. Studies have shown that children who are involved in after-school activities are less likely to get involved in gangs, have kids of their own while still in high school or even sooner, have higher self esteem, and are more successful in life. This would all require the law to be changed to allow one daycare provider to care for more than just five children. Allowing more children per care provider would lower the cost of childcare across the board by reducing overhead in the form of worker salaries.

Finally, some people are on welfare because they live in a factory town and the factory that employed eighty percent of the workforce has shut down. In the long run it really is cheaper to just relocate the people to a place where they will have opportunities. To facilitate this we already welfare homes in place in most large cities that people can stay in for a short period of time while they get settled into a new area, but what we don’t have is a way to get them there in the first place. Let’s move them there. Also, some people would be better served by moving to a small town with a low cost of living. Jobs are usually lower paying, but housing is usually so cheap it offsets the lower income. More research needs to be done in this department.

I have suggested some very viable and affordable alternatives to long term welfare. These are ideas that would help people better themselves and have a more successful life. Give them a leg-up to a better life, not a hand-out to keep them in check. But none of these will ever happen as long as liberals get their way. Liberal politicians depend on a large demographic of desperately poor people to maintain power for themselves. That way they can get votes by promising to give the poor better government aid and by accusing conservatives of trying to take away what is rightfully theirs.

The welfare system is one of the reasons that I have become convinced that the Democratic Party, the party of liberals, is as racist and sexist as the south was shortly after the civil war. When you decide to stand up to “The Man” for all he has done to keep you down, look to the liberals in our capitol, and bring the fight right to their doorstep. Vote conservative, change the world.


  • my gosh, i wrote about almost this exact same thing back in Feb on my blog!! about how it seems like the dems are the ones wanting to 'hold the poor & disadvantaged down'! but you said it much better!
    BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

    By Blogger Libby, at 12:05 PM  

  • you guys are nuts....you can't see the light because your white privledge is shining through so brightly. You obviously have no idea what it is like to struggle. Do you know that buses don't run after 6:30 pm in my city. Do you realize what globalization is doing to our economy, and do you realize that our middle class is depleting and white collar jobs are moving over seas at an astounding rate....you relocate, and take your frickin president with you to China!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:29 AM  

  • I have never read a truer article in my life. My mom is single and took care of me and my brother just fine. We never had to join welfare or anything like that. There are more people on welfare then there are not on welfare.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:39 AM  

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