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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tom Delay Indicted

How do you play dirty politics? This way.

“It was only months ago that Ronnie Earle attended a Democrat Party fundraiser in which he openly discussed an ongoing investigation in front of a room full of party activists, and then singled out and attacked a potential target of the investigation. Earle’s unapologetic politicization of the probe prompted the Houston Chronicle to opine that Earle’s behavior has ‘damaged the credibility of his investigation with a stunning display of prosecutorial impropriety."
NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds

When anyone starts talking about something they are doing to a room full of activists it usually means it is politically motivated. I'm not saying that Tom Delay shouldn't answer for it if he did in fact commit a crime. But the timing is awfully convenient for the Democrats since the midterm elections are coming up and they hope to discredit and defame as many top Republicans as they can in their desperate bid to try to regain power in Congress and the Senate.

Compare this to the way the Republicans gained power in the nineties. The Republicans pushed a tough agenda that did a lot of good for America, criticized any stupid move the Democrats made, (and the Democrats, complacent after fifty years in power, gave them plenty of ammo) and beat the streets to activate their voting base and recruit new voters. Hmm, Creating good policies, criticizing your opponents, and recruitment on one hand, and defamation by using filthy lawyer tricks on the other. I wonder who's tactics will earn my vote? I know! The sleazeballs, no, wait I mean the men with honor!

This is not new. Back in the presidential election of 1992 George H.W. Bush was 3 points ahead in the polls. Then a lawyer sympathetic to the Democrats issued a news release stating that he was going to indict the president on charges three days before the election. As a result Bill "I think with my penis" Clinton won the election by six points. Interestingly enough, if there hadn't been two strong conservative candidates running in that election this dirty trick still wouldn't have worked since conservatives got 57% of the vote between them. No charges were ever brought against the President.

If this stunt works or is percieved to have worked then Ronnie Earle will have earned himself a federal judgeship during the next Democratic Presidency, and that is all he really wants anyway.


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