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Monday, September 26, 2005

Gun Control, Alaska Style

I love Alaska! The concealed carry law is, get this, pack heat if you want to! Just keep it out of bars, government buildings, and any private establishment with posted "No Firearms" signs. That's right, in Alaska anyone of legal age to own a gun can carry it concealed on their person without restriction.

In Alaska people don't like gun control laws very much, but there is still a difference between the liberals and the conservatives on this point. The liberals carry .357's or smaller, and the conservatives carry .44's and bigger. Welcome to the Last Frontier!

There are those who would think that a bunch of unregulated people packing heat at random would encourage violent crime, but that is not so. Alaska has a very low rate of violent crime, an even lower instance of violent crime with guns, and is remarkably safe overall. There is one common thread to violent crime in Alaska though, whether it involves guns or not, and that is alcohol. Alcohol, far more than guns contributes to violent crime with and without guns in Alaska.

How can this be? Put simply, if you don't know who's packing then neither do the criminals. Who is a criminal more likely to victimize, someone who is almost assuredly not armed, or someone who may very well be armed? I submit that it is the former! that is why states that allow people to carry concealed weapons are safer than states that do not.

There is a fundamental problem with concealed carry laws. Criminals do not respect the law, therefore they do not respect concealed carry laws, gun control laws, or any other law designed to prevent criminal activity. We can only punish these vile people as severely as the Constitution allows for the health and safety of honest citezens. Honest citezens will obey laws that restrict their freedoms even if they disagree with them, criminals couldn't care less.

When any legislature is considering a law they should consider the effect it will have on decent, honest folk, as compared to how it will affect criminals. If it sounds like a good idea but, after careful analysis, seems to benefit crooks then it should be discarded. Most gun control laws do just this. I offer Alaska up as proof that allowing people to carry concealed weapons actually restricts volent crime. At the same time I do believe it is a very good idea that people who want to carry weapons should take a gun safety class that also teaches them what the laws surrounding weapons are in their area. I think hunter's safety courses save lives. It is responsible to teach people how to be responsible with their freedoms, but it is irresponsible to take those freedoms away in a futile attempt to stop crooks from being crooks.


  • I wish Ohio would scrap their law for a less cumbersome one...

    By Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy, at 6:59 AM  

  • Tried to email you, but it got kicked back.
    Do you want me to post on here, or was that in error trying to do a sidebar link?
    Let me know! :)


    By Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy, at 7:00 AM  

  • Right on brother! You got my vote. If I read much more I'm liable to turn conservative.

    By Blogger karmasurfer, at 6:16 PM  

  • Damn Strait.

    By Blogger Tyler D., at 6:38 PM  

  • Alaska and Vermont are prime examples of how an armed society reduces crime substantially. A person would think that the other states in this country would observe this and use Alaska and Vermont as examples when considering their gun legislation. Unfortunaley ignorance lurks in all segments of our society, especially in our governments, local, state and federal. The laws of Switzerland require all of its citizens to own a firearm, have the amuntion for it and know how to use it. Switzerland enjoys the lowest crime rate than any other country in the world. During WW2, Hitler by passed invading Switzerland because he knew his army wouldn't stand a chance against the Swiss. The Swiss citizens are the military, they're well armed and Hitler knew it.

    By Blogger Patrick, at 5:14 AM  

  • I am sitting in the coffee shop in Anchorage, surfin the web, sippin my cup-o-joe with a 4o cal on my hip UNDER MY COAT. I am pleased with Alaska's decission to NOT require registering a CCW permit. When a permit is registered, you must inform law enforcement that yuo are registered weather you are packing or not. Now I am only required to inform L.E.O. when I am packing should contact occour. I love AK!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:44 AM  

  • So can anyone answer me this? I live in Alaska and I am ninteen and I have a 9mm auto I just bought. Can I carry it concealed or do I have to keep it out in the open? I have read in different places that I can have it concealed at eighteen and other that say twenty-one.

    Thanks sincerely yours,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:03 AM  

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