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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Baby Stealing Murderer

A woman attacked a pregnant lady and cut her open to steal her unborn child. I cannot begin to describe how horrifyingly sickening this is.

The really disturbing thing is that this case is not unique. It’s rare, but the fact that it happens at all is just too much. The idea that anyone can be so evil as to murder a pregnant woman, rip her belly open, and then take off with the baby is just . . . revolting is too weak a word, demonic.

I call for the death penalty for very specific types of criminals. This case is exactly the reason why I do it. I cannot in good conscience support the idea of this woman ever being among us again, whether she is released, or if she manages to escape. It is inhuman beasts like her that MUST be put down like the rabid dogs they are for the health and safety of the innocent. I have no interest in vengeance, and justice can take many forms, but sometimes there are people who are so evil we must be merciful to the rest of the country, the rest of the world, by putting them down.

The good news is that a teenage boy saw what was happening, told his parents, and they called the cops. The cops and the paramedics arrived in time to save both the baby and the mother. The baby is doing well, and the mother is in critical condition, but is awake and aware of her surroundings. I ask you to pray to whatever God you worship for the health and safety of these two innocent victims. Take care, and be careful out there.


  • The perpetrator sounds exactly like the crazies I encounter at war protests.

    The story makes me sick. I have to change the channel when it appears on the news.

    Pakistani Prison!


    By Blogger meesterjoneser, at 6:08 AM  

  • yeah...that's EXACTLY the type of person I'd like to see raising a child, one that got the child that way.

    By Blogger Libby, at 1:05 PM  

  • I found you through Phantom Driver's blog.

    Good Blog you have here. I am always happy to find another conservative!

    Yes, this woman does deserve the death penalty, and in Texas, where I live, would probably get it.

    By Blogger Gayle, at 3:48 PM  

  • there have been 8 cases like this in the last five years.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:28 AM  

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