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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fitzmass Disappointment

Fitzmass has come and gone, and after all of the anticipation what have the liberals unwrapped? Scooter Libby.

Remember all the buzz? Rove’s going down! Cheny might get it too! How close to Bush does his come? Now we finally have a scandal to use to our advantage! My, oh my, how reality fails to meet expectations.

So who is Scooter Libby, other than a guy with a funny name? He’s a high level functionary working for the Vice President. Nothing more, nothing less. He’s an advisor to a man whose job is to support the President. He supports a supporter. But wait! Surely this will bring the Bush administration to its knees! HA!

Who among us knew about Scooter Libby before the CIA leak investigation? Who among us really cares who he is even after all of this? He’s a very replaceable cog on Capitol Hill. The only thing I can think to say about him is “At least he had the decency to resign after breaking the law and perjuring himself. That gives him one up on Clinton.”

But this is not about Clinton in any way. The initial crimes being investigated were very different. Clinton was the President dealing with an opposed Congress, Libby is a nobody (now at least). Clinton’s scandals went straight to the heart of the Presidency itself, Libby, well . . . apparently the President had nothing to with it. Shocker. There is one similarity between this and the Clinton investigation. The people opposed to the President at the time were hopeful that it would bring down a sitting President and give them greater power. So different, so similar.

Other important differences of note: Clinton continued to create more scandals while he was being investigated; no such thing happened during this investigation. The Clinton investigation expanded into the ever-growing list of fresh scandals; this time the opposition is begging the investigation to go back in time to a non-related political issue prior to the crime being investigated.

It’s fascinating to me that the Democrats and their liberal supporters are so desperate to discredit this President that they want a legal probe into whether Bush knew the intelligence he had that led us into Iraq was bad. They are screaming that the REAL cause of the CIA leak was Bush lying to take us to war, so this investigation needs to probe it. What a stretch that is! Had the investigator actually found anything resembling proof of this he would most certainly have investigated it. Fitzgerald is bulldog prosecutor who leaves no stone unturned when prosecuting a case. He absolutely would have expanded the investigation if he had found any evidence that the leak and the war were actually connected.

So in the end all anyone has is an unknown who will fade away as interest in the man dies off. The Democrats will try to keep the story alive so they can have an active scandal they can point to during the ’06 elections to support their dishonest claim that the Republicans are somehow more corrupt than they themselves are. It won’t work. The MSM will run with it for awhile, but as they lose viewers due to lack of interest in the story they too will move on. The only people who care about Scooter Libby are those who hope to gain from his crimes. The rest of us are just shrugging our shoulders in a big “I don’t care anymore” now that we know this doesn’t touch anyone with any actual power.

Better luck next time Dems, if there is one, and I doubt there will be.


  • Fitzgerald cut his teeth prosecuting Mafia and terrorist conspiracies. He's canny enough not to show all his cards, and he's not done yet.

    Watergate didn't seem like much at first, either. Who could have guessed that a botched burglary would set events in motion that would bring down a President? It was preposterous, even as the pieces started to topple, to imagine that the entire administration could crumble. But, of course, it wasn't just the burglary, but the toxic culture of corruption which the bungled scheme revealed.

    I realize this isn't the Nixon Administration, but do I need to point out where the kingpins of this administration -- Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rove -- cut their teeth?

    It may yet all add up to nothing, but what's going on right now is also consistent with the methods employed by an investigator looking to turn a defendant into a witness -- as prosecutors did while investigating the Nixon White House. The Libby indictment might very well be intended as leverage to encourage Libby's cooperation.

    Will it work? I have no idea. But it ain't over 'til it's over.

    By Blogger catastrophile, at 12:41 AM  

  • I'll bet you a cup of Fair Trade coffee this winds up being more important than you're suggesting.

    I'd bet even more - treason certainly SHOULD be - but it seems with each passing scandal (Watergate, Iran Contra, Hummergate, Oil Companies writing energy policy, WMD/no WMD, etc) the American citizenry has lost its ability to be outraged.

    I'll also bet $5 to a favorite charity that should Libby be facing any serious time behind bars, he'll be pardoned. That's just what Republicans do.

    By Blogger Dan Trabue, at 4:59 AM  

  • The reason this is important is because Scooter will go to trial. When that happens, anyone could be required to take the stand: Cheney or Rove or who knows.

    By Blogger Wasp Jerky, at 6:07 AM  

  • "I'll also bet $5 to a favorite charity that should Libby be facing any serious time behind bars, he'll be pardoned. That's just what Republicans do."
    That statement implies Democrats don't pardon. I cannot let it stand.
    176 people were pardoned or had prison sentences commuted by Clinton on his last day in office: One was an accused tax swindler and a former husband of a major Clinton donor; two were felons who paid Clinton's brother-in-law $400,000 to lobby on their behalf; and the former president's half-brother for a conviction on cocaine charges in 1985.

    Clinton pardoned Marc Rich who was up on charges of racketeering, wire fraud, illegal oil trading with Iran and evasion of more than $48 million in taxes.

    Clinton reduced the jail sentences of Kalmen Stern, David Goldstein, Benjamin Berger and Jacob Elbaum, all convicted of swindling more than $40 million in government money.

    For a complete list of Clinton's pardons see:


    If Libby should be convicted of anything I hope Bush does pardon him, because the original charge from the get go was completely bogus! And should Bush need to pardon Libby (or choose to do so) I will be very happy to blog this info when the Democrats start yelling bloody murder about only Republican presidents pardoning people!

    By Blogger Gayle, at 7:06 AM  

  • Gayle, thank you for saying it all for me.

    By Blogger Daniel Levesque, at 7:11 AM  

  • You're welcome!

    By Blogger Gayle, at 7:14 AM  

  • Yes, thank you Gayle. I'll amend that to say:

    That's just what regular politicians do! I'm no fan of the Clinton people, and especially not of their pardons (or of Democratic pardons here in KY).

    But, the bet remains open.

    By Blogger Dan Trabue, at 8:46 AM  

  • I love the lefty posts. They obviously didn't notice that Fitz didn't convene a new Grand Jury, and said:

    Is the investigation finished? It's not over," Fitzgerald said at a news conference. "But … very rarely do you bring a charge in a case that's going to be tried in which you ever end a grand jury investigation. I can tell you that the substantial bulk of the work of this investigation is concluded."

    They'll keep hoping that Fitzmas will come again, but it won't happen. By this time next year we'll all be saying Patrick Who?

    By Blogger Crazy Politico, at 4:25 PM  

  • I'm hoping that Bush does pardon Libby. I will be disappointed if he doesn't. After all, this investigation was bogus from the very beginning.

    By Blogger Gayle, at 9:44 AM  

  • Actually Gayle, I have to disagree with you on this one. I'm a tough on crime kind of guy, and if Libby gets convicted then he should be punished. Besides, any such pardon would just provide more ammo for the Democrats who are trying to claim that this administration is corrupt. I wouldn't want them to have that satisfaction.

    By Blogger Daniel Levesque, at 10:08 AM  

  • Thank you SO much, Daniel, for not disappointing me and being consistent!

    I'm a tough-on-this-kind-of-crime guy, too, which is why I thought Clinton should have stepped down (I don't really think his particular lie was impeachment-worthy, but I did think he should have stepped down for a host of reasons, including The Lie).

    By Blogger Dan Trabue, at 11:42 AM  

  • Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! This is what I've been waiting for -- Watergate-conspirator-turned-prosecution-witness John Dean weighs in:

    "Having read the indictment against Libby, I am inclined to believe more will be issued. In fact, I will be stunned if no one else is indicted. Indeed, when one studies the indictment, and carefully reads the transcript of the press conference, it appears Libby's saga may be only Act Two in a three-act play. And in my view, the person who should be tossing and turning at night, in anticipation of the last act, is the Vice President of the United States, Richard B. Cheney."

    Granted, this is the guy who wrote a book on the Bush Presidency called Worse than Watergate, so we know where he stands as far as this administration goes, but he's by no means a partisan apologist.

    It ain't over, until it's over . . .

    By Blogger catastrophile, at 11:01 AM  

  • Veee shal see mein freunt, vee shall see.

    By Blogger Daniel Levesque, at 12:06 PM  

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