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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Good news! I found my missing books yesterday. Expect the first installment of my series on evolution 2 Wednesdays from today.


  • If I had a webcam you could see me doing my dance of joy...

    By Blogger DanProject76, at 9:43 AM  

  • I wonder which magical books you needed in order to make your arguments against Evolution.

    I look forward to your post for several reasons.
    1) to see who your sources are and who you buy into.
    To say,
    I say it takes a ton of faith on your part to disregard do much science in favor of your own poorly founded views, just to protect a thoery that is coming apart by th eday.
    certainly says a lot about how misinformed you are on the topic, but also hints at your hangouts.

    2) to see if you define evolution and science properly.

    3) I'm curious to see if you can stick to the one topic of evolution, or if you will branch off into other areas. "Evolution can't even tell you where it all comes from!" is my favorite.

    4) I wonder if you will try and convince us that a large number of scientists disagree with Evolution and more and more disavow it each day.

    5) Will you continue to call it Darwinism?

    6) Will past mistakes and changes in the theory be used as "proof" it is a failed theory? Not realizing that this is how science has always worked?

    7) I wonder at what point your rhetoric will break down and you fall victim to such things as:
    Ad Hominem attacks
    Appeal to Emotions
    Appeal to Popularity
    Begging the Question
    Biased Samples
    Hasty Generalizations
    Red Herrings
    and Straw man attacks

    8) Will your quotes from Evolution Scientists be distortions of what they truly said? Will you quote mine and take things out of context?

    Well... you get the drift. You're in for it. You'd better be ready. I realize you have your Yes crowd here, but the rest of us will check what you have said. And we will definitely hold your feet over the fire when you make your hasty generalizations and absolute decrees.

    Can't wait. Cheers!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:54 PM  

  • I am looking forward to it.

    By Blogger Daniel Levesque, at 10:52 PM  

  • I'm actually looking forward to this, though if one of your books is "Darwin's Black Box" I'm going to be heartbroken.

    By Blogger Samurai Sam, at 10:52 AM  

  • Prepare yourself for disappointment, Sam.

    We already know that Icons of Evolution is one of your sources, Daniel. How about giving us the rest of your reading list so that we can brace ourselves for the onslaught.

    By the way, did you take my advice and read the books or the web site I suggested?

    By Anonymous cjb, at 1:31 PM  

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