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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Foley Scum

I have said it before, and I shall say it again. Child predators must die.

Congressman Foley has been exposed a child predator. His homosexuality does not matter any more than it would matter if he were a heterosexual. What matters is that he has been exposed as an active pedophile. He has been exposed as a man who attempts to use the naiveté of youth to gratify his sick sexual desires. Such behavior cannot be allowed in our world, much less our leadership.

Anyone, Republican, Democrat, or otherwise who knew of this and kept it hidden for even one day is a collaborator in this atrocity and must be justly punished.

This said; let me look at this situation and the past.

Currently, there is some evidence that people on both sides of the political aisle knew about Congressman Foley was using his position to access and seduce, or attempt to seduce teenage boys. Everyone who knew and did nothing, whether it was to protect congressional seats, or to wait for the most advantageous moment to release the information is guilty of aiding abetting this criminal. Every last one of them should be jailed.

However, if the past is any indication, there is no chance of this happening.

Long enough ago for the general public to have forgotten, Democrat Congressman Gerry Studds was convicted of raping a teenage boy while serving as a US Congressman. In a perfect world this crime would have been punished with death for the child rapist. Instead, the Democrats decided to do almost nothing, until Republican Newt Gingrich made a stink about the lack of action. The end result was that Congressman Studds was censured. At his censure hearing he actually had the GALL to turn his back on the congressional leadership in defiance, and was actually applauded for his “bravery”. Not only was he allowed to continue to serve in the Congress after this, but he was actually left in prominent positions of leadership for the remainder of his time in the Congress. This was done, of course, through a vote by the Democrats in the Congress over the intervening years. In fact, House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi was so outraged by this man’s crime that she voted for Congressman Studds to be in his leadership position at least 5 times following this incident.

I am not justifying anyone who commits an atrocity upon our children. What I am doing is pointing out that our leadership on both sides of the political aisle are corrupt and degenerate to varying degrees. At one time this disgusting fact convinced me to remain apolitical. In recent years it has motivated me to work for change. I want to see every corrupt and dishonest politician in America removed from office. I don’t care whether these people are Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, or something else. What I care about is fixing a system that is breaking, and getting people into office who will at least TRY to do the right thing, and who will not compromise their stated morals for either money or political expediency.

I know I am just beating my head against a wall by working for such a change. But it is work that MUST be done, and perhaps, given time, enough people will join me to make this dream a reality.


  • The double standards that are present in our politicians are absolutely appalling. And we wonder why more people don't vote...

    By Blogger Tom, at 11:09 AM  

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