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Friday, April 27, 2007

Let’s Talk Imus

Okay, enough already. Don Imus was fired after making a bone-headed comment on the radio that two of the most notorious racists in America heard and made a stink over. To hear the hubbub you would think that his syndicate made a moral decision based upon the complaints of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (Reverend omitted intentionally).

Not quite the case.

Imus wasn’t fired until AFTER his advertisers started to abandon him en masse. That makes this a financial decision, not a moral one.

Hey baby, it’s just business. I would have fired him too if the profits from his show dried up on me.

What blows my mind is the way radio people are going on about sponsor intimidation as if it were something new and that there is suddenly a grave threat to free speech on the radio that was never there before. The threat has always been there because there have always been people seeking to destroy radio and television personalities that they just don’t like.

Has everyone forgotten what happened to Dr. Laura’s television show?

You may recall that her television show was cancelled in spite of good ratings because a controversial group of people, homosexuals, who are a much smaller community than the black community, threatened to boycott the advertisers on her show.

This is old hat for libs that want to see conservatism silenced. The only real issue here is that conservatives have yet to use the same tactic effectively against liberals that we find offensive.

Remember the movement to boycott every sponsor of the gay pride convention in San Diego a few years back? Of course not, the only way you would have heard about it was to listen to Christian radio. Lack of media coverage marginalized an effort by a group of people who make up more than 60% of this country to erode sponsor support from the homosexual movement. Homosexuals, comprising a mere 2-3% of the American population successfully had Dr. Laura booted from television by doing the exact same thing, but with massive media coverage.

Kind of makes you think doesn’t it? Makes you think that maybe the media covered one while ignoring the other because they stand for the one and against the other.

Who says the media isn’t biased?


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