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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Impeach the Supreme Court Over Eminent Domain

The government has gone way too far this time. This Supreme Court decision on Eminent Domain violates the constitution by stripping away our right to own property. This is a crime and every judge who voted to let the government take our land for anything they want to use it for whether it will benefit the public or not should be tossed out of office right now.
The constitution allows for the removal of Supreme Court justices if they commit a criminal act or violate their oath of office. Five Supreme Court justices, well four who haven't retired yet, violated their oath of office by handing down a decision that violates the Constitution. They take an oath to uphold the Constitution, and the purpose of the courts is to ensure laws that legislators make do not violate the Constitution. They have stepped out of bounds before, but this decision really takes the cake. How can any competent judge read the Constitution and decide that stealing private land to be resold for private use is Constitutuional? Eminent Domain is a provision to take land for the PUBLIC GOOD, not to steal land to give to private developers because the city can get more tax money from them. How is this the public good? By sanctioning this theft of land the Supreme Court justices who handed down the majority decision are now accomplices to grand theft, and every government bribe that results in illegal land seizure from here on out until this decision is reversed! These are crimes, and we can impeach these judges for them, and we should!
Some people are sendng a message to these incometent crminals by seeking to use Eminent Domain to take away their land for development. I support this. Let these incometent elitists get a taste of the evil they have inflicted on the common man and woman in America. Take everything they own, then boot them off the Supreme Court!
Liberal judges are responsible for court decisions that have reshaped America in so many negative ways it's just criminal. While liberals have their place in government and keep debate going strong, they have no place on the Supreme Court. We need to replace every liberal Supreme Court justice we have with a consertative one, and not just any conservatives, but ones who understand the original intent of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as State's Rights, and take their job seriously enough not to hand down goofy decisions just because they don't like a law or clause of the Conststution. Injecting personal politics into our court system is a sure road to judicial tyrrany and ultimately destruction of American life as we know it. This cannot be allowed.


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