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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Tale of Three Democrats

Three Democrats ran for President. One had wide support from the Democrat base, but just couldn’t pull it through the general election. One could have dominated the general election, but the Democrat base would never nominate him. One had moderate support from the Democrat base and was able to squeak into the nomination. He then ran on core issues in which he succeeded while Republicans failed and won the Presidency with a solid majority of the vote.

The first Democrat is Hillary “I wish I was single” Clinton. She has broad support from the Democrat base at the moment, but it will fade as she continues to try to court voters who already despise her and will not change their minds.

The second is Zell Miller. This man, more than any other Democrat in America could capture a crushing majority of the popular and electoral vote. If he were nominated he could count on all of the Democrat faithful, moderates from both parties, and many conservatives from both parties. The loony left among the Democrats will split between voting for him just because he can beat a Republican, and voting for a liberal third party candidate. I predict at least 60% of the popular vote and victory in 48 states for him, even I could vote for him (the only Democrat I can say this about), but he will NEVER get the chance.

The third is Bill Richardson. He has a solid liberal record that has great appeal to the Democrat base and could get him nominated quite easily. He is getting tough on issues, like the Mexican border, that are near and dear to conservative’s hearts and the Republicans are failing at. He is also a Hispanic. He gets the nomination as a popular and charismatic governor. He sweeps the southern Border States because of his stance on border control. He gets a crushing majority of the minority vote because he is a minority. He wins every strong and leaning Democrat state plus Florida and any number of swing states. In the end I predict at least 53% of the popular vote, and victory in 25 states, including the nine most populated states in the Union: California, New York, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. Winning these states plus any four or five others guarantees victory in the electorate.

Bill Richardson is the most viable Democrat around to become President of the United States of America. Is he runs against a RINO even the strongest conservatives and Republican faithful would have a difficult choice to make.


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