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Monday, October 03, 2005

ACLJ Informtion on Harriet Miers

Here is what Jay Seculow of the American Center fo Law and Justice has to say about President Bush's most recent nominee to the Supreme Court. As of now I am totally for the confirmation of Harriet Miers to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. For more info on the ACLJ just click my sidebar link.

With one solid victory behind us in Chief Justice John Roberts - we cannot rest!
The President has just named Harriet Miers as his choice to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor - and the ACLJ will be there every step of the way!
Please help us stay on top of this critically important second battle for the Supreme Court of the United States with your most generous online donation right now.
There is too much at stake for us to quit - with several Supreme Court-bound cases before us ... like banning partial-birth abortion ... protecting parental rights ... freedom of speech for those defending unborn children ... saving our Pledge of Allegiance ... and more.
I have been privileged to work with Harriet Miers in her capacity as White House Counsel. President Bush's excellent nominee is a strong candidate who shares your values and ideals, and one who will properly interpret the Constitution and not legislate from the bench. She is bright, thoughtful, and a consummate professional.
We also know that the opposition - People For the American Way, NARAL: Pro-Choice America, N.O.W., and others - is well funded and will not go down without an even MORE tremendous fight this time around.
They have already lost one pivotal battle for the Supreme Court. They DO NOT want to lose another. Their most critical issues - like protecting the abortion industry - are on the line!
As head of the Texas Bar Association, Harriet Miers attempted to reverse the pro-abortion position of the American Bar Association - returning it to its former position of neutrality.
Our Washington, D.C., office is already working diligently to ensure that Harriet Miers receives speedy consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee and a full up-or-down vote and confirmation by the entire Senate. We are calling on your Senators to reject the partisan political rhetoric and focus on the judicial philosophy of this conservative mainstream nominee.
You can help us move forward in all of our many efforts on behalf of Harriet Miers with a secure, online donation today.
Please do what you can to help.
This is your opportunity to once again dramatically impact the Supreme Court of the United States for decades to come.
We know the intentions of the liberal left - to do anything possible to derail this nominee.
We are prepared to meet those challenges head on and ensure that this battle ends with the confirmation of Harriet Miers as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.
She deserves a swift and fair hearing. Again, I ask that you give a generous, tax-deductible online contribution to the ACLJ. The expenses of such an operation are significant. We are devoted to this confirmation battle, regardless of the time it takes or the expense it incurs, but we need your support. The stakes are just too high to back down now.
Please let us hear from you immediately - as we continue our important work to see Harriet Miers confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States.


  • Thanks for the link. I have been taking a long break from blogging. Work...

    But in any case I will add you to my blogroll as soon as I get back into the game.

    I've enjoyed your posts.

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