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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The True Strength of America

America is the strongest nation on Earth for one reason, our farms. We protect that strength with the only resource any nation ever had to do so, our military. Without our incredible farms and powerful military America would have crumbled decades ago.

America is one of only six nations in the world that produces enough food to feed it’s own population. In fact, we produce so much food that over half of the world’s population is fed by American farmers. For this I personally salute the American farmer and want to express my gratitude for putting that food where I can get it. I also salute the American farmer for the great humanitarian job of keeping between two and three billion people around the world from starving to death.

The secret is our rich soils, which must be preserved and protected if we are to continue to produce so much food. Historically the only nations that ever rose to power were nations that had enough food to allow the people to engage in the arts, sciences, exploration, literature, and military. A population that is starving quickly becomes poor and desperate, with little time for anything but the pursuit of food. Good soil and adequate water are the keys to food production.
Environmentalists, real ones, not activist nut-jobs, warn about the dangers of erosion from modern farming practices, and these dangers are real. There is good news though. There is a practice known as conservation farming that has been proven to be as productive as current farming methods after a dip that lasts 3-6 years. In fact, in the long run it actually out-produces the most popular farming methods used right now. Organic farming techniques are also shown to be soil friendly, actually building the soil rather than eroding it. Some wise farmers have combined the use of conservation and organic farming techniques and are yielding bumper crops on ever improving soils.

Now for the real power of our farms to be revealed. The world is so dependent on the United States for food that we have so far been immune to any sanctions the U.N. has proposed to place upon us. Yes, there is always at least one sanction being proposed to the U.N. against America by countries that are supposedly our “allies”. The sanctions get tremendous, loud support, but are ultimately defeated in the interest of self preservation. Any country that engages in economic sanctions against the US cuts itself off from our farmers and would starve itself, except for Russia, China, France, and two others. Note that the countries I have named as being capable of feeding themselves are also America’s loudest critics and obstructionists in the U.N.
America has the world by the stomach, make no mistake about that. We could crush most nations simply by refusing to sell them food.

Our military might is what prevents our “allies” from banding together and conquering the US. In fact, a strong military is the only thing that has ever allowed even the most prosperous nations to remain intact and not be overrun by its’ neighbors. Good farmland is the single most desirable trait a nation can have, and other nations always want it. Without a powerful military those nations would be only too glad to take it.

Consider this: The only people trying to get control of poor countries that can’t even feed themselves are local revolutionaries. No outside force wants that land (unless there is oil on it, but that is valuable enough to buy food). These countries don’t need a military to protect them from their neighbors, and can’t support an army to protect them from internal threats. Remember, an army marches on its’ stomach.

One needs only to look at history to know the truth of my assertions. Prosperous countries with weak militaries were always conquered. Starving nations disintegrated from within. But good farmland combined with a strong military has been the key to every major world power throughout history. America has just that.

God bless America, America’s farmers, and our military.


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  • Great essay, by the way.
    I never looked at it that way before.

    By Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy, at 3:36 PM  

  • Very well-said!

    I might question that Russia can feed itself. Maybe it can now, but during the cold war, Reagan threatening to withhold grain shipments was a very powerful influence in ending that war.

    By Blogger Ogre, at 10:00 AM  

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