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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hurricaine Katrina Relief, Good Job America

The true spirit of America has once agin decided to shine forth in all its' glory. The American people have proven the basic goodness and decency of our country by their generous outpouring of funds, materiel, and volunteerism to help the people whose lives have been devastated by hurricaine Kartina. For my part I just want to thank you all for giving hope to the hopeless and aid to the helpless.
I must confess that I was disturbed by the slowness of the initial relief efforts on the part of the government. I spent a lot of time fuming about the lack of an immediate large response by the military to bring aid to the affected areas and guns to take care of those lunatics who have been busy raping, murdering, and attacking both refugees and relief workers. I witheld my criticism not out of support for the government, but in order to learn all of the facts before I started blasting people for the apparrent lack of preparedness. Now that I know the facts I am glad to report that relief efforts were being prepared on the federal level a full two days prior to the hurricaine's landfall. I am glad to announce that the president actually made the mayor of New Orleans issue a mandatory evacuation order for the city. I am glad to know that our federal emergency management system has been working very well throughout this whole process. At the same time I cannot help but grieve for those people who lost their lives because of the amount of time it took to get this relief into the affecdted areas, and I wonder what we can do to make our disater response work faster.
On the other hand, I am furious that the mayor of New Orleans didn't 1: Have the brains or concern for the welfare of the people of his city to issue the evacuation himself. 2: That this same mayor did not bother to either enforce or aid in the evacuation effort. I see picture of busses, lots of them sitting flooded and usless in New Orleans. Where these busses when the evacuation order was given? Why were they not bieng used to get people out of the city? How many lives might have been saved if they had been used this way? How much easier would the relief efforts have been early on if those busses were out of harms way during the disaster itself so they could be used to evacuate people quickly? How many broken families would never have been seperated if all of those thousands of city, school, and charter busses had been used right? We will never know the answer to any of these questions with any certainty, but I can say for certain that they would have helped dramatically in every one of these areas.
What is the point of issuing a mandatory evacuation order if you refuse to enforce it? To my mind that is nothing more than utter carelessness and a complete lack of concern for your people. Had this evacuation actually been enforced by the mayor of New Orleans thousands of lives could have been saved. The blood of those innocents is on his hands.
Fortunately, the Amercan people are not characterized by the incompetence of a few elected officials and government beaureaucrats. When our countrymen need us we always anwer the call to aid. When our fellow man in other countries need us we also answer that call to aid. Our generosity as a people, and the love we show thorugh acting when help is needed is one of the big reasons God chooses to bless our nation. I believe that God blesses people so they cen be a blessing for others. I am convinced that we as Americans, the freest, wealthiest people on Earth, are doing very well at blessing others. Thank you, and God bless you all.


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