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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Solution to the Border Problem

After much careful thought over the past month I have come to a solution to the problem of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. It involves some compromises, but the long term benefit would be substantial.
Step one: Seal off the border. Make it completely impassible by using a razor wire barrier fifty to one-hundred yards wide along the entire border. Use helicopters armed with netguns. Dismantle all watering stations. Arrest everyone caught crosing the border illegally and deport them immediately without a hearing. No illegals of any kind will be allowed.
Step two: Amnesty for every illegal immigrant currently in the United States. There are so many that once we seal off the border and make it impassible it would be a waste of time and resources to try to hunt down every illegal immigrant already here and ship them away. There are just too many of them here, and if we make them legal then they might get real jobs and start contributing to our economy.
Step Three: Amnesty is conditional upon completing a free two year citezenship course in which they will all be required to learn to speak, read, and write English, learn Civics, and American History. Upon successful completion of the course they will e granted citezenship. This one-time-only program will be made available to all foriegn nationals currently residing in the U.S. They're here, we might as well give them the tools to cope and be successful. Failure to complete the course wil result in immediate deportation.
Step four: Never offer amnesty again.
Step five: Immediate deportation without hearings of any illegal immigrants found in the U.S. from the closing of amnesty on.
Step six: We have a principle that says we need to allow political refugees into the country. This should be honored, however we should keep close control of the program. I suggest building fenced, guarded communities in remote locations within the U.S. as holding areas for refugees who come here using the proper channels. I also suggest opening up some very easy channels for people from the countries we are accepting refugees from at the moment. Current examples would be refugees from Cuba, North Korea, and Sudan. Bear in mind that we are not the only refugee friendly nation in the world and we are by no means required to just let everyone in here who wants to escape from a nasty country. We should partner up with other free nations to place these people in friendly countries. It's caled humanitarianism.
This is a plan I think any reasonabe person would agree is workable. There will be Reconquistas, petty criminals, and just plain morons who will claim this plan is racist against Mexicans, or Cubans, or God-knows-who. This is to be expected since not all people are reasonable. There are people like me who don't like the idea of rewarding people who broke our laws by sneaking into this country illegally, and some will say that I am wrong to suggest amnesty once the borders are tightly sealed, and there are some who will grudgingly accept what must be done. It is my hope that if this plan were to be followed that America's newest citezens-to-be would make an honest living, pay their taxes, get involved in their communities, and take pride in their new country. Some won't, there are deadbeats in any group. I believe most will. People come here for two reasons; the first is to make a better life for them and their families. I like these people, they are usually decent hard working folks. The second is to try to dismantle America somehow. Most of these people will either wind up dead, in prison, or decide to go back home once they realize their dream of conquest has been crushed. In the end, we will have a stronger, safer country filled with productive citezens and almost nobody hiding from immigration trying desperately to avoid being caught and deported. It's a dream, but I think it's a dream worth chasing.


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