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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Culture of Death Strikes Again

It's happening. The mindset that allows people to actually believe abortion is not murder and that allows people to dehumanize the unborn is expanding into infants. A recent news article spoke of a father who killed his five month old son by leaving the poor kid in the car all day long on a blisteringly hot day, and actually excused his actions and said he should not be charged with any crime. This is an outrage!
First the details. The man claims he left the kid in the car because a change in routine caused him to forget that the child was there. Apparently his two older children normally take the bus to school and he drops the infant off at day care. On this particular day the older children apparently missed the bus because the father drove them to school, then forgot that he still had the baby in the car all day at work and for several hours after he got home. He says that he was so busy with work that he actually went all day without any alarms going off in his head about his own baby boy being cooked to death in a swelteringly hot car. This is known as negligent homicide in legal terms.
Now for the really outrageous part. The newspaper claims that this man should not be held responsible for his baby's death because, get this . . . HE WORKS FOR SOCIAL SERVICES! What kind of sick and depraved logic is this? Any person who is supposed to be looking out for the welfare of other people's kids needs to be held doubly responsible for how he cares for his own children! This baby killing idiot needs to be fired and charged with negligent homicide, child abuse, and every other crime that applies to him killing his helpless little baby!
It is well known at this point that there is a liberal bias in most of the media today. It is also well known that liberals overwhelmingly support abortion. It was primarily liberals who wanted to see Terry Schiavo die a horrible lingering death by starvation and dehydration. And now a liberal rag of a newspaper is excusing the murder of a FIVE MONTH OLD BABY! Folks, I'm telling you, if we don't get things under control here this is just the beginning of what could be a serious devaluation of human life. The same people who call me a monster for demanding that murderers, rapists, terrorists, child molestors, and drug dealers be put to death are more than happy to see the innocent die for sheer convenience, and to excuse the murder of innocents because by negligent turds like this man! Wake up and smell the homicide people, it smells like death, and it's perfume to some folks.


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