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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Reconquista Go Home!

Have you heard of the Reconquista? They are a group of people who illegally cross the American border for the sole purpose of working to remove our southern border states from our glorious Union.
Let me deatail what's happening for you. There are certain Mexicans who believe that every bit of land the U.S. won during the Mexican/American war rightfully belongs to Mexico. Their goal is to get enough of their people into California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona to get a big enough voting bloc to cede these states from the Union and make them part of Mexico. In the process of doing this they rarely bother to get gainful employment once in the U.S., preferring instead to freeload off of our social security and medicare systems. For some incomprehensible reason they actually get these benefits despite the fact that they are here illegally and should be deported. Another way they take care of themselves is to turn to a life of crime as gangsters, drug dealers, and thieves. You should expect this from people who don't respect the law.
Allow me to tell how to identify a possible Reconquista in your area, and be warned they are both male and female. First, as I already said, they will not have a job. Second, they refuse to learn English. Third, they don't bother to teach their dozen or so children English either. Fourth, they will surround themselves Mexican pride paraphanelia, I'm talking more than just a Mexican flag in their window. Fifth, They are here illegally of course! Sixth, despite having come to America they will have an entire laundry list of problems with our country, and often will state reasons why Mexico is so much better than the U.S. Seventh, despite their badmouthing of our home they will usually not bother to go back home. Finally, if a Mexican immigrant is constantly in trouble with or evading the law he or she is likely to be a Reconquista.
The reconquista will spout on about their right to be in our country and about how the state they are living in used to be part of Mexico, usually in Spanish. They have no right to be here, they broke the law by coming here, and they don't care because what they really want is to take four great states and merge them with Mexico. Yeah, okay, GET RID OF THEM!
I cannot give any statistics on the number of reconquista who come acros our southern border versus the desperate people looking to genuinely build a new life in a better country. However it is my understanding that they are not a small minority, and may actually make up more than half of the Mexican illegal immigrants. This is a serious national security problem and it should be dealt with by sealing off the southern border! Newsflash, Islamic terrorists and drug dealers aren't the only scum sneaking into our counrty. There is also a much larger group called the Reconquista, and our government either doesn't know or doesn't care that they exist. Newsflash for the politicians, the Reconquista won't vote for you because they cannot vote for you. Their kids that they train to think just like they do will not vote for you unless they they think you are weak enough to look away as they try to steal your home from you. Remember this when you refuse to do anything to control our borders.


  • I don't like the reconquista, either. I think that anyone entering another country should try to learn more about the country and should meet certain expectations for living there. This does not, to me, include learning English if all you want is a job. If they are a part of the public education system, however, I believe they should be required to learn English.
    I do not agree, however, with your idea that all immigrants who live in ways that you don't approve of are reconquistas. I don't think it is a crime to treasure your old way of life while seeking better opportunities. If you think it is, then we should cancel St. Patrick's Day. After all, Chicago's streets get all congested, causing frustration and difficulty for a great many people, all because some stupid Irish person wanted to celebrate their history and diversity!
    As for them being illegal immigrants and therefore moral-lacking scum, consider it from their veiwpoint: they broke a law that they consider unjust. Besides, do you ever speed? Do you change lanes without blinking, even occasionally? Then by your reasoning, you should not be allowed to drive. After all, you broke a driving rule. And I'll bet you break road rules far more often than the average illegal immigrant has broken immigration rules, and you will certainly continue to do so throughout your entire life, you law-breaking scumbag, you!
    I also think it's lame to appeal to politicians because illegals won't vote for them. I would hope that politicians would do the right thing, whether it garnered votes or not. I think the political desire to win votes is a greater corruption of our law and our nation than illegal immigration is, because that desire will ALWAYS lead to unfairness, while sometimes immigration, even illegal immigration, is appropriate.

    By Blogger Sed'lon Arime, at 12:44 PM  

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