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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Big Government for Public Schools

Here's a thoroughly unsurprising observation. The people who are most opposed to school voucher programs are overwhelmingly big government liberals. It figures that people who think the government belongs in every aspect of our lives would oppose an idea that would help America and improve our children's education if it means less government in the classroom.
If the government controls the schools then the government controls what is taught. If the government controls what is taught then the government can shape our children's development. If the government can shape our children's development then whoever controls the government can use our public schools to get our children thinking like they do. I don't know about you, but I want my children to think like their mommy and daddy think and your children to think like their mommy and daddy think, and for all people young and old to have enough of a mind of their own to think for themselves. I don't see this happening in our current public school system, unless you think universal liberalism, moral relativism, and anti-religious dogma is the way things should be. If this describes you then you may not want to read anything I have to say as it will tend to tick you off.
Put in simpler terms, he who controls the schools controls the future. I wish this wasn't true. I wish every parent was so involved in their kid's lives that they could fully instill them with the values of their family. This doesn't happen in many households, and the ones where this does happen have another problem; the parents are fighting against the schools. These poor children have one message being taught at school six to eight hours a day, then they go home where their parents try to teach them another message fifteen minutes to eight hours a day. Either way, the kids are either led by the school or confused by conflicting messages. (Yes I know there are households where the valus taught at public schools line up perfectly with the family's values. You should be very happy with the status quo.) I don't know about you, but the idea of some politician deciding what my kids are taught and what values my kids are instilled with at school worries me. Fifty-plus years of liberal dominance in the education system has not helped our children learn, it has had the opposite effect.
Of course, politicians tend to love power. Big government gives politicians a lot of power. Hence the fierce resistance from big government liberal politicians whenever anything that would reduce their power, like replacing the public school system with a voucher system so parents could choose their children's schools based on quality of education, course curricula, and values regardless of income comes before the public. Just so you know, these same big government liberal politicians have an amazing tendency to send their children to private schools. Maybe they just don't want your children to have the same advantages their children get. That would just be unfair to children born to money, power, and priviledge. It's unfair to expect them to compete with common folk who get accepted to elite private schools based on personal merit rather than who their mommy or daddy is. I hope the sarcasm here isn't lost on you.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, DOWN WITH PUBLIC SCHOOLS! Privatize them all and give the parents vouchers to pay for the schools they want their kids to go to. Some people oppose this idea because they genuinely belive the public school system wors just fine and doesn't need to be overhauled. To these people let me say that I respect your opinion and I welcome your dissent based on your pure motives. On the other hand, to you big government types who are simply mortified at giving people a real choice and losing you stranglehold on the shaping of our children's minds, we all know who you are the instant you open your mouths. Your tired arguments have little to no basis in fact. And, most condemningly, it's your fault we need to overhaul the public school system in the first place. People like me wouldn't be campaigning to change the system if you hadn't messed it up to begin with.
Finally, to all of you out there who wonder what we can do to improve the quality of our children's education so we quit spitting out illiterate dunderheads who can't even do long division so they can fail at college thanks to their lack of basic academic skills. To those of you who wonder why most high school graduates can't name the capitals of ten states or five countries. To those of you who are disgusted by the utter lack of knowledge and understanding young people have about history and civics. To those of you who want to do something, anything about the complete lack of discipline and respect children seem to have. To all of you I say ignore the big government liberals. Think for yourselves. Do some research. When you do I am firmly convinced you will reach the same conclusion I have. Public schools must go. They must be replaced by private schools, and all of that government money currently being wasted on an ineffective public school system should be turned into vouchers that parents can use to pay for their children to get the quality education they deserve.


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