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Monday, September 12, 2005

Best Friends Network Vrs. PETA, Knockout!

A lesser known story of the hurricaine Katrina disaster is the heroic efforts of the Best Friends Network to rescue abandoned animals in the affected areas. While animal rescue is nothing at all compared to human rescue efforts it bears noting what a true bunch of animal lovers do when duty calls.
I first found out about the Best Friends Network about a year ago when I needed to find a new home for my adorable young schnauzer, name of Oscar. He had epilepsy and seperation anxiety, and I could not give him the kind of care he needed. I was advised by several people to simply have him euthanized. I could not do this. That was when Colonel Shiroma informed me of a pet rescue group he was a member of. It was the best Friends Network, and they were a true Godsend. They helped me find the perfect family for Oscar, and he is doing very well.
The Best Friends Network is a no-kill alternative to the Humane Society. They have a pet ranch/sanctuary in Utah where they take in pets and livestock that are next to impossible to place in a home and care for them for life. Many of these animals do get adopted by loving families evetually. They're not glory seekers or media whores. They just do what they believe is right. Most importantly, they never, ever kill any animal that comes into their care.
Contrast this with PETA. PETA is one big media whore that seeks to be as controversial as possible, claims to put animals on the same plane as humans, and opposes all forms of animal use from food, to pets, to medicine, to you name it. Yet these so-called animal lovers kill half or more of the animals that are turned over to them for care by people who believe the animals will be loved and cared for. For a bunch of people who believe meat is murder they sure do commit a lot of murders(Their standard, not mine). To top it off, they are not lifting a finger to help the beleagured animals of the hurricaine Katrina disaster. Animal lovers my eye!
Since actions speak much louder than words it can only be concluded that true animal lovers gravitate to groups like the Best Friends Network while loony activists who don't love animals as much they love just annoying people gravitate to groups like PETA. If you are an animal lover and you want to join or finance a group who really does good things for animals give your time and money to the Best Friends Network and leave PETA for the loons.


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