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Friday, December 22, 2006

Baby Pictures

Here he is, my son!

As you can see, all of his good looks come from his mother :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Baby Soon

24 hours in . . . wife still in labor . . . baby will probably arrive at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning . . . so tired . . . pictures of my newborn son in next post.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Raving Conservative Radio 3

This week's broadcast is a response to questions about my view about the war situation and what I would do to win the war in Iraq.


or you can stream it at:


It is a 15 minute program.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Raving Conservative Radio 2

This was supposed to be the intervew with Dr. Phat Tony . . . however, the recording was corrupted during the session. I have sent the recording to a professional who checked it out and told me that it was so far gone that it would take days, and thousands of dollars to salvage the interview. Therefore, I shall have to do it again, but first I shall find a more reliable program for 2-way recordings so this does not happen again.

This week is about how the media is a military weapon.


For a swifter download simply go to www.switchpod.com and search Raving Conservative Radio. This will stream the webcast immediately and allow you to vote on the quality of the show.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Loser Dems

I just watched an interview with Senator Barbra Boxer on Fox News. She was talking about the Iraq Investigative Committee’s report. In short, she interpreted it as a vindication of every defeatist thing the Democrats have been saying from the beginning.

Boxer: I think the Iraqis need to show us that they want freedom and democracy as much as we want them to have it.

This statement, more than any other is infuriating to me. What this retard is saying is that the overwhelming voter turnout, despite the overwhelming numbers flocking to join the Iraqi police and military every day, despite the cooperation of the general population in our efforts to put the insurrection, in spite of all this she is not convinced that the Iraqis want to be free. How stupid can one person be?

The Iraq Investigative Committee’s report appears to be all about getting out and rejects anything resembling a victory. The Democrats are crowing about this “vindication” of their defeatist rhetoric that is emboldening all of our enemies around the world. This is not good.

If any of you care to follow the history of our enemies since this war began it is important to note that the vast majority of our enemies have either revealed themselves or grown so bold as to be outright defiant only since the Democrats began actively seeking to undermine the war in Iraq. The Terrorists running the insurgency tell their people to keep fighting because America has lost the will to fight, and this is based entirely off of the statements made by Democrats and other liberals.

In case any of you did not notice, the violence in Iraq has not abated one bit since the Democrats won Congress. The violence got worse just before our elections in an effort to get the people who have been staunchly supporting our military out of power so that the people the terrorists view as too weak to continue fighting will take power and bring our troops home in shame and defeat. At least, that is what some terrorists were saying. The violence will continue unabated now because the terrorists see the election as a sign that victory is within their grasp. We, the American people have vindicated their view of us as weaklings with no will to fight.

Politicians like Barbra Boxer are showing them that they can win the war here in the U.S. even as they die at a ratio of 25/1 or more.

Think on that.

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