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Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Testimony

One of my readers, CJB, asked a very good and legitimate question in response to my last post. It was : "I cannot help wondering, though, how different would it have been if God had not been watching over you or if, perhaps, there was no God? The corollary is: how would you know the difference?"

As it turns out, I can actually answer this question in detail.

The most shameful thing I ever did was when I was 23 years old. That was the yaer when, in pain and rage after a particular hurtful event, I told God that if He was going to keep doing that stuff to me that I wanted him to butt out off my life. What followed was a formative experience for me.

The following year, with no external changes, was spent in depresion, alcoholism, and general debauchery. My anger level instantly jumped. I turned to many things for comfort, and none worked. The whole time I could physically feel an emptiness at my core that I did not recognize. All of this was completely new to me, having become a born again Christian at a very young age. The change was instantaneous, as in the very next morning.

I spent an entire year like this. 8 months in God began to call me back, I could feel it in my motivation, if that makes any sense. I got this urge that I had never had before to start reading my Bible in an intensive manner, and actually read the whole thing from cover to cover, a feat I had never even been interested in attempting before. I starting going to church again, and even joined a Bible study group for young adults. I hadn't bothered with Wednesday Bible study one time in my adult life until this point.

As I read and pondered God's Word I was granted an understanding that was deeper than I had ever known before. It was as if the Word had only been partially open to my understanding before. After about 4 months of this, like the prodigal son, I realized just how far gone I was, how lost I had become, and came running back to my God. I have never looked back since.

I'm sure that someone standing on the outside can, and will rationalize these events in some way that does not require the involvement of God. The deep internal happenings are hard to describe, and require the personal experience to fully apreciate. What I have said here, despite the details, is actualy more of a brief synopsis than a detailed telling. I can say with absolute certainty and authority that there is not one thing in my life that remained the same when I told God to leave me alone. Let me assure that all of what I have written here is true.

That year was a formative experience that, in hindsight, I am actually very grateful for. It showed me exactly what Jesus has done to free me from sin in my own life. It showed me that what is good in my life is not of my own will and effort, but a gift from God Himself. I know because none of it existed without Him. Take it for what you will.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

As The Year Ends

With New Year's Day approaching I am taking th eopportunity to reflect on the year gone by and assess it. Truthfully, I must say this year has been les than stellar for me. In fact, it has been downright rough.

I am tired to the core and worn to the soul.

This year my career in the Army has come under assault pretty much non-stop, culminating in the removal process I am fighting right now. My wife and I spent our entire savings on a cycle of in-vitro that failed utterly, and I have no idea how I'm going to pay for the cycle she is going in for this coming March. My father was diagnosed with an incurable degenerative brain disease. One of my cousins died. My mother's towing business is under attack from her own partner who has decided to try to destroy the business since he cannot have it all. My knees and shoulder ache almost constantly from injuries sustained on the job. I was cited for using illegal fishing tackle because the book definition of single hook was interpereted differently by one game warden than it had been by previous game wardens I have spoken with. I oculd go on with large events, but the worst for me has been the constant onerous hostility I have had to live with every day at work, the wearing paranoia of trying to be absolutely perfect so I can't get hurt, and still making some basic human errors, which, of course, were used against me in a way the same ones are not used aganst anyone else that I know of in the clinic.

Still, through it all God is good to me. I have a wonderful and loving wife. 3 fantasitic dogs. A nuclear and extended family that is always loving and supportive. And most importantl, when even this is not enough, there is my Lord Jesus Christ to bolster me and carry me through the hardest parts of life. This is the ultimate blessing on my year.

If there is one lesson I have taken from this year it is that I can always rely on Jesus to carry through difficulties I cannot make it through on my own. It has boosted my faith and my grattitude to my Lord, and may well be the purpose behind my living with so much turmoil in the first place.

This said I look forward to next year with great anticipaion. I do not knw what will come, But good or ill, I know it will all be for the best in the end.

Have a blessed New Year, everyone.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Some Favorite Sayings

Can you match the saying to it's originator?

"There is no such thing as common sense because the common man has no sense."

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

"If you stand by the river long enough the bodies of your enemies will come floating by."

"I smoked, but I didn't inhale." (Okay, this one made the list because of how incredibly retarded it is.)

I will post the answers in the comments in 2 days.

I'm Back

After a short break I am now officially back online.

This week will consist of light fare, starting with a new post late tonight. My usual schedule and conservative rantings will enter full vigor again immediately after the new year. But for this week I will be mostly posting non-combative, easy to digest fare for the blogosphere.

See you tonight.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas Y'all!

Since this will be my last until December 27th I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of my readers.

Starting tonght tonight I will be without internet until at least Christmas Eve, but then there is Christmas and, naturally, unpacking.

Tonigt the last of our belongings will be in our new house, and we will be waiting for our services to transfer over, and even if they do transfer soon I will just be too busy getting the house prepared fo us to live in it to blog.

This said let me end the way I began. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Doing Your Duty

While I don’t speak much about it, poverty is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. While the day will never come when there are no poor (at least before the second coming of Christ) that does not excuse any of us from doing what is right.

That said; allow me to present a situation to you.

You are in a restaurant and hear bit of a commotion at the door. Looking over you see the greeter/manager/maitre-d telling an obviously homeless man to leave since he is not a paying customer. It is freezing cold outside. This individual is unkempt and dirty. This individual is moving rather slowly and protesting that he just needs to warm up for a bit, and could he please have just a few minutes?

Do you:

A- Do nothing?
B- Feel sorry for him?
C- Tell the manager to have a heart and let the guy warm up?
D- Tel the manager that he is your guest and he will be dining with you, then bring him to your table and let him order some food at your expense?

The correct answer is D. The unfortunate fact is that the vast majority of people will only do A or B, while nearly all of the rest stop at C. For some reason, even the most tender-hearted among us tend to be unwilling to engage in fellowship with the truly destitute.

I despise every form of Socialism and Communism. However, I believe deeply in personal charity. God blesses us so that we may be a blessing to others . . . period.

It is sheer greed and heartlessness that stops us from caring for our fellow man the way we should. We have no excuse not to. Take me for example. I get $2,500 deposited in my bank account every month after taxes. This does not include my wife’s paycheck or the money I am now paid to live off-base. What is it to me to spend $10 or $20 to feed someone who desperately needs it? I make over 200 times that amount every month. I make more than enough money to take care of my needs and most of my wants. I don’t even have to give anything up to bless some needy person with some food or warm clothing. Charity is just too easy.

For my Christian readers I want to remind you that Jesus Christ Himself commanded us to care for the poor, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, and to visit those in prison. Remember to do it, and to do it willingly and cheerfully. And while you’re at it don’t be afraid to make a friend out of who you are helping. Most of the truly needy need friends just as much as they need food, clothing, and shelter. Remember also that inhospitality is one of the crimes the people of Sodom and Gomorrah committed that caused God to rain fire and brimstone on those cities and lay waste to that area so thoroughly that it remains a desolate place to this day.

For everyone else I want to appeal to your sense of decency. I want to remind you that one day it could be you who is needy. I want to urge you do right by your fellow man.

This is not to say that we must give and give and give to the lazy and ungrateful. If you offer help and it is refused then you are relieved of your duty at that moment. If you help someone who then hurts or insults you for it, you are not bound to keep allowing that person to hurt or insult you. Your kindness is better spent elsewhere.

This said; forced governmental charity, like welfare, is a bad thing because the way it is set up it enables the lazy and ungrateful to live well at the expense of the rest of us. It also removes us from the deep personal sacrifice and face-to-face attachment, and even the chance to witness to the needy. I say let those of us with a heart for the poor do the work to care for them. I say encourage EVERYONE to do their own part.

This is right.

Do your duty.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Debate of the Week 12: Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas; which is it?

Here’s my stance.

It used to be that I didn’t care whether someone said “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”. They are both rather traditional greetings during the Christmas season that go back a long way. It is only after someone decided that it’s more correct to eliminate “Merry Christmas” in favor of “Happy Holidays” that my dander got up.

Put simply, the push to please the 3% of the population that is offended by the words “Merry Christmas” by wiping that phrase out in favor of “Happy Holidays” is offensive to a far greater portion of the population than a mere 3%, myself included. Oddly enough, the PC retards who are pushing this don’t really care that they are offending such a huge portion of the population. They only care about the 3% superminority.

Let me make one thing very clear. Pick any stance on any topic and try to find anything that offends only 3% of the population. You won’t find anything so non-controversial other than the simple phrase “Merry Christmas”.

This means that PC is NOT the true motivation behind the push for this change in phraseology. The simple fact is that it is being pushed by a small group of people who simply want Jesus Christ hidden away from public view and hearing. The motivation for this is, of course, a simple hatred of Christianity.

This said I have come to the decision that “Happy Holidays” is no longer an appropriate Christmas greeting. Since it has been adopted as a way of assaulting my religion by people who hate my religion the meaning has been changed from one of happiness and joy to one of hatred and oppression. This is contrary to the Christmas spirit and the American way of life, therefore I will not tolerate it.

It really sucks when a group of bigots or loonies steals something good and perverts it into something evil.

What do you think?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Top Ten US Accomplishments in Iraq

The following was left as a comment in a previous post by Mild Mannered Reporter. It is so good that it bears front-page access.

America's accomplishments in Iraq are phenomenal. Unfortunately, the naysayers and scalawags are still critical of our mission and the positive outcomes. The following is a sample of America's accomplishment from the Bureau of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of State.

Fact SheetU.S.
Agency for International Development
Washington, DC
December 7, 2005

Top Ten USAID Strategic Accomplishments in Iraq

Press Office: 202-712-4320
Public Information: 202-712-4810

1. Improving Primary Health Care: USAID is helping strengthen essential primary health care services throughout Iraq.

* In 2005 alone, USAID-supported emergency campaigns immunized 98 percent of Iraqi children between 1-5 years old (3.62 million) against measles, mumps, and rubella,
* Also in 2005, USAID immunized 97 percent of Iraqi children under five (4.56 million) against polio.
* In all, USAID partners have trained more than 2,500 primary health care workers to expand access to essential primary health care services.

2. Expanding Access to Electricity: In 2002, Baghdad had access to electricity 24 hours a day; the rest of Iraq was limited to 3-6 hours.

* Currently, all 18 governorates receive nearly 14 hours of electricity daily, an incredible improvement for a country emerging from decades of conflict and little investment.
* USAID efforts have added 1,400 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity to the national electrical grid, expanding access to 4.2 million Iraqis throughout most of Iraq.

3. Providing Potable Water: Many parts of Iraq had no access to or provision of clean potable water. Indeed many of Iraq's waterways were contaminated with refuse and sewage.

* Over 4 million Iraqis who had no clean drinking water in 2002 now have safe, potable water piped to their homes following USAID efforts to refurbish water treatment plants in 15 cities.
* USAID is also providing plant-level operations and maintenance (O&M) training at major water and wastewater plants nationwide to ensure that these plants remain functioning.

4. Restoring Sewage Systems: Before 2003, Iraq's cities suffered from inadequate sewage systems; backed up sewage created pools in neighborhoods or emptied directly into nearby rivers.

* Today, USAID's rehabilitated sewage treatment plants throughout Iraq process a total of 339.7 million gallons daily.
* These plants alone provide 7.2 million urban Iraqis - over a quarter of the national population - access to functioning, waterborne sewage, greatly improving sanitation and contributing to a decrease in waterborne disease.

5. Improving Local Governance and Community Development: Iraqi democracy must prove itself through service delivery and community-based solutions to local problems.

* With USAID assistance, representative provincial and municipal governments are more capable of delivering essential services to their constituents.
* Countrywide, more than 670 community action groups focused on civic education, women's advocacy, and anti-corruption have been supported by USAID.
* Working through local NGOs, USAID has implemented 4,672 quick impact projects throughout Iraq, providing short-term employment and restoration of basic services.

6. Connecting Iraq to the Global Economy: The private sector is the engine for sustainable job creation and economic growth. To help guide policy reform, USAID's Investor Roadmap analyzes constraints to investment.

* Iraq's Investment Promotion Agency was recently established with USAID assistance, and will serve as a resource to international investors.
* USAID worked with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to develop a Competitiveness Study, helping integrate efforts to create a robust private sector that fosters job creation.
* USAID programs assist Iraq's MoF, Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology (COSIT), and Iraq's Central Bank in meeting their International Monetary Fund (IMF) requirements. This $19 million technical assistance effort is expected to return to Iraq $480 million in the IMF Standby Agreement by December 2005 as well as debt forgiveness of $27 billion from the Paris Club by March 2006.
* Working with the MoF, USAID introduced the new dinar currency to promote national unity and a sound functioning monetary policy. Currently, 4.62 trillion new Iraqi dinars are in circulation in Iraq.

7. Expanding Political Inclusion and Expression: USAID assistance has helped prepare Iraq for two national elections, numerous provincial and municipal elections, and the Constitutional Referendum of October 15.

* In preparation for the January 2005 election, USAID helped the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI) establish a voter registration system, and worked with the UN on improving balloting procedures.
* USAID-supported NGOs distributed election materials, helped televise debates, and led over 22,000 town meetings to educate Iraqi voters.* USAID and a local NGO trained over 8,000 election monitors.
* Current efforts are preparing 15,000 elections monitors for the December 15, 2005 elections.

8. Supporting the New Iraqi Constitution: The January 2005 Interim Government election put into place a National Assembly to frame a constitution emphasizing democracy and the rule of law. - UPDATE: The election was the most successful in Iraqi history with a wide plurality of voters swamping the polls and virtually no violence.

* USAID partners provided constitutional specialists to the Drafting Committee while input from over 111,000 national surveys kept the Committee in touch with national sentiment.
* The Iraqi Women's National Coalition, supported by USAID, developed a 10-point statement adopted in the constitution.
* A USAID-supported NGO televised debates and distributed information. Nearly 9,500 monitors, trained by USAID partners, helped ensure a successful constitutional referendum.

9. Transforming Primary Education: USAID assistance has helped Iraq move away from rote learning methodology in decrepit, unsanitary classrooms to interactive learning in rehabilitated buildings,

* Since 2003, USAID has rehabilitated nearly 3,000 schools.
* Over 20 million new textbooks have been supplied by USAID (8.6 million) and UNESCO (12 million).
* By 2006, more than 133,000 primary school teachers - a third of Iraq's educators in all - will have received training and technical assistance.
* Already, the most recent primary school enrollment numbers show a 19 percent increase from pre-war levels.

10. Restoring Excellence in Higher Education: The USAID Higher Education and Development (HEAD) Program brings together five American and 10 Iraqi universities to help reestablish academic excellence in Iraq's higher education system.

* Since January 2004, more than 1,500 Iraqi faculty and students have participated in workshops, trainings, conferences, and courses in Iraq, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.
* University facilities -libraries, computer and science laboratories, lecture halls, and buildings - have been rehabilitated at colleges throughout the country.
* A mini-grant program supports new, innovative research throughout the country. In addition, books and electronic resources have been provided to university libraries.

I cannot let naysayers and scalawags continue to downplay our accomplishments. Brave and dedicated men and women serving America in Iraq have sacrificed and have given their all to this mission. And, to minimize their individual and collective efforts is scandalous. Only a mean spirited and unscrupulous rascal would be so brazen to disparage American's good work. I salute our men and women in Iraq. God bless America.

The previous was brought to you by http://rosemeadcentral.blogspot.com/ (Mild Mannered Reporter)

Friday, December 16, 2005

A Question for Pacifists

For all of the antiwar people who claim it is based on sincerely held pacifism I have an important question.

Is there any war in US history that you support, consider just, or are simply gald of?

Please respond vigorously as this is an important question.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


That means YOU John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Ted Kenedy, and every other we-can't win, cut-and-run, Iraq is a quagmire, We're losing the war, US troops are terrorists, etc Democrat out there!

Today marks Iraq's THIRD democraic election in just ONE YEAR! Iraqis of all kinds are vigorously engaging in their newfound right to vote. The violence is now decreasing.

We have this thing won. We only need to stick it out a little while longer until the appropriate landmarks are met and then we can bring our troops home in both honor and glory.

So, to all of you anti-war activists out there who have been badmouthing our troops and the Iraqi people I say go find the bigest purple finger around and SPIN ON IT!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mitt Romney Will Run

Today, Mitt Romney anounced that he will ot seek reelection as governor of Massachusetts. This is a significant development, espescially considering that he is a rather popular governor. Here's why.

Mitt Romney has repeatedly said that he will not serve as governor and un for president at the same time. He says it would be a disservice to the people of Massachusetts.

This means he will be running for President of the United States in 2008.


Mitt Romney is probably the best governor in America right now. He is a staunch conservative both socially and fiscally. He has cut spending and taxes in Massachusetts, the most liberal state in the Union, and reversed the horrid debt of that state into fiscal solvency. He has fought against homosexual marriage, and for better protectionof children from predators. He is a great leader.

I have stated my desire to see Mitt Romney run for President before, and now it appears that this wish will come true. All he needs to do is select Condi as his runing mate and we will have the perfect Republican ticket. We'll need it since it is almost certain Bill Richardson will be the Democrat's candidate. He is very good, very popular, and would be tough for anyone to beat.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie Williams Epitaph

Here lies Tookie Williams.
Convicted multiple murderer, and those 4 were just the ones we could prove.
Founder of one of the most violent gangs in human history. A gang responsible for over 10,000 murders nationwide.
Known robber.
Guilty of multiple armed assaults.
Oh yeah, and he wrote a few children’s books.

Tookie Williams was executed today, and it is a sentence long overdue for the gravity of his crimes. I will not question whether he changed in the 20+ years since he was sentenced to die; how could he not change in some way with death looming around the corner? I will only state that he was given a just sentence for his crimes, a sentence that should have been carried out long ago.

This is a perfect example of the seriousness of the death sentence, and why it needs to be carried out swiftly. Excessively long periods of time between the death sentence and when it is carried out give someone time to win sympathy and, maybe, fake rehabilitation. Unfortunately, without releasing a convicted killer there is no way to tell if he is genuine or false in his conversion to proper living. It is a risk we, as a society cannot take.

So rest in peace Tookie Williams. I do sincerely hope you changed and that God rewards you appropriately. As for here in this life, you have received justice, and I will not miss you.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Blog Tag

Peakah tagged me. Here are the rules of the game. When you are tagged you must blog about 5 oddball habits that you have, then you must tag 5 more people. Here are my 5 oddities.

1- I eat waaaaay to much salt. I buy it 5 pound increments and go through as many 2 shaker-fulls a week. Very little tastes quite right without it, and my sodium levels are through the roof. The good news is I have been this way my whole life, so my body is accustomed to it. My blood pressure is a cool 120/54 and my heart rate is an easy 52 bpm.

2- Watch-shaking. I have a habit of raising my hand and shaking my wrist to reposition my watch when I speak. It is for this reason that I carry a pocket watch when I must speak in public. That way I don’t distract my audience from the message by shaking my watch. I know it’s distracting because my wife tells me so.

3- Leaving the door open. No, not the front door, or even the back door, it’s the bathroom door. I have no kids and no houseguests, my wife has seen it all before, so I have no modesty whatsoever about leaving the bathroom door open no matter what I am doing in there. As a bonus, every once in awhile my #2 is so foul my wife screams at me to turn on the fart fan all the way from the bedroom. Oh yeah, I hate the noise fart fans make so I never turn them on . . . ever.

4- Strange laxative. Every once in a great while I, like most people, get constipated. What is unusual is my choice of laxative. Rather than get anything medicinal I just chug a gallon of apple juice. This done I just have to wait about 2 hours for the gas to come, and 4 hours before I experience total colon cleanliness. It works so good in fact that I wind up farting and pooping in a profuse, and exceedingly stinky manner for about a day. It is also an excellent revenge tool since, every so often my wife, wonderful as she is, does something bad enough to warrant retaliation. One gallon of apple juice later she can’t even stand to be in the house, much in bed with me there is so much horrid flatulence going around. To be fair, it’s usually in retaliation for her drinking milk and fouling up the house with her lactose intolerant flatulence. In the absence of apple juice an entire box of extra strength ex-lax will have the same effect.

5- Cold weather nudist. Well, not exactly nude, but I do get stared at when I walk outside in blizzard wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts, usually to take out the trash. That’s right. No shoes, socks, pants, shirt, or jacket. Just shorts. I have been known to spend time talking outside with friends under similar circumstances similarly dressed. Hey, why should I change my habits just because Mother Nature won’t cooperate?

Don’t judge me before you examine yourself.

My tags are Gayle, at Gayle’s Republican blog, Count Blogula at Count Blogula’s LIE-beral Smackdown, Dan Trabue at A Payne Hollow Visit, Samurai Sam at A Beginner’s Mind, and Rebekkah at Eye of the Storm.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Debate of the Week 11: The Nativity

Are religious symbols of Christmas appropriate to display on public land?

My answer is yes.

Christmas itself is a religious holiday. Just look at the name “Christ” “mass”, or celebration of Christ. The purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, religious symbols of all kinds, from nativity scenes, to crosses, to the star of Bethlehem (the star at the top of the Christmas tree), to angels, to any other religious symbol surrounding the birth of our Lord Jesus is more than appropriate for display both publicly and privately.

Displaying traditional symbols of Christmas do nothing to “make a law establishing religion” as the Constitution expressly forbids. There is no law making Christianity the official religion of the land involved. Just as displaying crosses on government land, having “Under God” in the pledge, and having “In God We Trust” on our money are not laws declaring a specific religion to be the official law of the land, and are therefore ALL Constitutional.

The closest thing to establishing a religion in the US are not the display of religious symbols, it is the holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas themselves. These are OFFICIAL holidays that are RELIGIOUS in nature. Thanksgiving is a day set aside to thank God for His blessings throughout the year, and Christmas is a celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

However, even this does not violate the Atheist’s cherished “separation of church and state” because they do not REQUIRE people to observe them. They shut down government entities for a day, just like New Years, MLK day, President’s day, and other secular holidays, but they force no one to actually observe them or for private businesses to shut down or observe them either. That is done by employee and customer demand, as well as the free will of the private businesses.

So, in no way do religious displays on public property, holiday related or otherwise, “make a law establishing religion”. However, forcing the removal and banning such displays does violate this part of the First Amendment “or restricting the free exercise thereof (religion)” by forcing public servants to not observe their own religion and it restricts freedom of speech by stifling expressions of religion, popular culture, and free artistry.

This is, of course, coming from a strict Constitutional constructionist.

What do you think?

Friday, December 09, 2005

The American Restriction of Civil Liberties Union

To quote the ACLU itself:

ACLU POLICY “The ACLU agrees with the Supreme Court’s long-standing interpretation of the Second Amendment [as set forth in the 1939 case, U.S. v. Miller] that the individual’s right to bear arms applies only to the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia. Except for lawful police and military purposes, the possession of weapons by individuals is not constitutionally protected. Therefore, there is no constitutional impediment to the regulation of firearms.”

So they want to strip us of our right to bear arms as specifically stated in the Bill of Rights, but they believe that the following, which are found nowhere in any of our founding documents are actually implicitly protected by the Constitution:

1- Homosexual marriage. Back when our Founding Fathers were alive sodomy was a crime everywhere in the US. If anyone would have stood up against this for violating the constitution it is the men who wrote it. They didn’t because the Constitution does not protect homosexuality or homosexual “rights”.

2- Abortion. Once again, not mentioned in any of our founding documents. However, several of our founders did write letters and article damning the practice of murdering unborn infants.

3- Euthanasia. So the ACLU is all for murdering sick people. This in spite of the fact that the Constitution does not protect euthanasia in any way, and once again, this act was condemned by many of our founders. You know, the guys who wrote the Constitution.

4- Removing all references to God, Christianity, and the Ten commandments from all public places and government institutions. This in spite of the fact that our founders all signed a certain document called the Declaration of Independence, which itself refers to God. Also despite the fact that religious expression is protected under the First amendment. Also in spite of the fact that the actions of our founders were to start the first session of Congress by appointing a CHRISTIAN CHAPLAIN. Also despite the many references made to God by our founders throughout much of their writings. And finally, by perverting the idea of separation of church and state by taking Thomas Jefferson’s letter to A CHRISTIAN MINISTER that the court would not do anything to oppress his Church.

What a bunch of amoral, perverted, bigoted phonies! They call their far left wing activist agenda a crusade for protecting Constitutional liberties, but explicitly ignore the Constitution and history in favor of arguing for the protection of all manner of perversion and immorality they can think of. Creeps.

Thanks to
  • Stop the ACLU
  • for bringing this to my attention.

    Thursday, December 08, 2005

    Earth to America

    I recorded the comedy special Earth to America, and just actually watched it. I didn’t realize it was special themed after global warming when I recorded it. I just knew that Jack Black, Blue Man Group, Cedric the Entertainer, Tim McGraw, Tom Hanks, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog were in it, so I recorded it and watched it.

    Before I go off on my rant I want to make one thing very clear. It does not bother me at all that this huge batch of celebrities were trying to raise awareness of global warming. For one, I don’t expect celebrities to know science anyway, and for seconds, they are funny and talented artists that I enjoy in that capacity.

    There are some who just ticked me off though.

    Let’s start with Bill Maher, shall we? The most glaringly false thing this moron went off on was the oxygen content of the atmosphere. He said “once the atmosphere was made up of 19% oxygen, now it is only 9% oxygen.” He, of course, blamed humanity in general, and Republicans and President Bush specifically for this tragedy. Sounds bad too, don’t it? There’s just one problem. If this were actually true we would all be dead right now. Very few aerobic life forms can survive prolonged exposure to such a tiny level of oxygen. Man starts to experience distress at 16% oxygen, and dies before 9% is reached. The real fact is that the Oxygen levels are stable at 18%-20% just like they have been since the dinosaurs walked the Earth.

    He went on to waste our depleted oxygen blabbing on about how it’s all the evil corporation’s faults and how evil Republicans don’t care enough to do anything about it. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    This being a show about global warming Bobby Kennedy Jr. just HAD to be featured so he could spout off on his brand of eco-lunacy. You may remember him as the guy who said Hurricane Katrina was President Bush’s fault because he pulled the US out of the Kyoto Protocol.

    His bit was a fake interview with Martin Short playing a nervous, deceitful, and environmentally bigoted attorney for the oil industry. I shall summarize the gist of his whole argument for you thusly: YOU EVIL BASTARDS! YOU ARE SINGLE-HANDEDLY KILLING US ALL! As you can see, he is quite the communicator. He blames the oil industry for forcing the world to be dependent on them and stifling innovation that would make cars more fuel efficient. The end result in his estimation is a global warming trend that is sure to be the end of the world.

    These people obviously have no paloegeography in their education portfolios. I do however, so allow me to insert some horribly evil science into all of this lunacy.

    There are periods in the Earth’s history where there were no polar ice caps, the arctic tundra was warm enough for temperate plant species to grow, Antarctica was a temperate paradise, and the US was a fetid jungle. As you can imagine, the world was quite warm, and shockingly, all life was not wiped out, and the world didn’t come to an end. At the same time there have been periods when the polar ice caps extended as far south as Ohio, and as far north as Peru. Surprisingly enough, the world didn’t end then either.

    Climate change is constant, as is proven by micro-paleontology and Antarctic ice cores. There are fluctuations in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, and fluctuations in temperature that do not always coincide with what the carbon dioxide levels said it should be. The only thing that is certain is that the climate is changing, and will continue to change no matter what we do to try and stop it.

    Finally, not all change is bad. People are having this knee-jerk reaction to 6,000 year long global warming trend as if it were something new, and are scurrying around like rats trying to stop this natural process. It’s a futile battle, and they are scaring people and wasting money by fighting it.

    This is not to say that better fuel economy isn’t something we should strive for. And it definitely isn’t to say that clean energy research should stop, or that cleaner manufacturing technologies shouldn’t be created. I’m all for them, but for the sake of conserving limited resources and keeping actual poisons out of the air and water as much as possible. I’m far more concerned about high mercury levels in the fish that I eat than I am about global warming.

    This is to say that we need to toss out the junk science and propaganda lies that are being used to convince people we’re all gonna die if we don’t do something RIGHT NOW! This crap is doing us all a disservice.

    More Eminent Domain Abuse

    Yet another reason for Congress to impeach every Supreme Court Justice who voted to allow the government to abuse Eminent Domain in violation of our Constitutional right to property.

    In Riviera Beach, Florida a community of almost 6,000 people is being threatened with the use of Eminent Domain in order to make way for a private contractor to build luxury condos, a yacht club, and other amenities for the rich in place of this coastal community.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: Eminent Domain was only put in the Constitution to allow the building of public utilities like roads and other vital infrastructure. It was never meant to be used to steal land from private citizens to give to other private citizens in order to raise tax revenues.

    So who is the mastermind behind this cretinous, criminal action? The mayor of Riviera Beach, Michael Brown, who, by the way, also happens to be a local realtor who stands to make a personal fortune selling the high priced condos his contractor friend wants to build.

    It gets better. He’s a Democrat. You know, the party that supposedly sticks up for the little guy, but in reality caters to the rich at the expense of the little guy.

    In typical Democrat fashion this creep has decided that he knows what is best for the residents of Riviera Beach, and that it for the lower income people to be driven out of town to make room for wealthy elitist. I’ll bet George Soros just loves this guy.

    Oh but the Democrats are for the working man, right? They stand by the labor unions to show their solidarity with the downtrodden American laborer. They support a vast welfare system to “help” the poor. They think that the wealthy need to be robbed so the poor can live better.

    Bull crap!

    The Democrats couldn’t care less about the working man because the working man is not dependent on them for his livelihood. They stand by the labor unions because the unions have loads of money for their campaigns. They support a vast welfare system to keep a large segment of the population dependent on them to live and create a loyal voting bloc. They want to rob the wealthy to punish them for working hard and succeeding, and also to line their own pockets with ill-gotten gains.

    Want proof? Look to Riviera Beach Florida.

    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    Comparison Follow-Up

    I must confess that I had an ulterior motive when I posted A Comparison Conservatives and Liberals. I wanted to get some liberal reactions before I wrote this article. I hope no one feels used. I did it for balance.

    The fact is that this is the way a large number of conservatives perceive the difference between conservatives and liberals. This view is justified as demonstrated by the following:

    1- Howard Dean being the head of the Democratic Party.
    2- Ted Kennedy.
    3- Al Franken.
    4- Hillary Clinton.
    5- Nancy Pelosi.
    6- Barbara Boxer.
    7- John Kerry.
    8- All of those people caught on film at www.zombietime.com
    9- Moveon.org.
    10- Michael Moore.
    11- The New York Times.
    12- The LA Times.
    13- San Francisco.
    14- The ALCU.
    15- NOW.
    16- Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.
    17- PETA.
    18- Planned Parenthood.
    19- The Gay Straight Alliance.
    20- The public school system.
    21- Justices Suitor, Bader-Ginsberg, and Stevens.
    22- Louis Farrakhan.
    23- Al Sharpton.
    22- Greenpeace.

    I could continue, but you get the picture.

    It is these highly visible examples of left-wing lunacy that give conservatives the view of liberals and liberalism that we have. Catastrophile posted a thoughtful article in response on his site called Red Think Versus Blue Think. I encourage you all to read it and post your thoughts on it. The best challenge that was raised to this here was by Dan Trabue who stated “Many liberals vote for the aforementioned but only because that is the best the Dem party offers.”

    This raises a question for me.

    If these are the best the Democrats have to offer why do you vote Democrat if you are so opposed to these people?

    It seems to me that people are best served by voting according to their beliefs, not the party line. I, for example, did not vote for Lisa Murkowski for the Senate during the ’04 election. I didn’t vote Democrat either, I voted for an independent candidate who lost horribly, but was the candidate closest to what I think is right. It was the best way for me to vote according to what I hold dear.

    So why don’t liberals have the same courage with their vote?

    Sure they would lose a lot of power initially, but it could mean enormous long-term gains for them if it moderated the party line.

    Then there is the matter of all of these left-wing organizations whoring themselves all over the media. People see these fruitcakes and decide that they must represent the core beliefs of the left. It is a justifiable perception based on the fact that these groups are what are perceived far more than more moderate people. Why? Because these are the people the MSM want us to see. Why? So they can influence into thinking like they do.

    Which brings up another point; The MSM is not a friend to the liberals if liberals are truly not aligned with the groups and causes the MSM is promoting. However, some 96% of people involved in the MSM admit to voting Democrat during the last election according to a poll. The Democrats are the liberal party, the MSM votes overwhelmingly Democrat, you do the math.

    This said, I am issuing a challenge to all liberals to stop supporting groups and people who you say do not reflect your views. Do this and you will truly change the way you are perceived. Do not do it and you reinforce all of the stereotypes that conservatives have of you.

    Tuesday, December 06, 2005

    Saddam’s Rights

    Ever notice how the worst human rights abusers get all concerned about human rights the instant they get taken to task for their heinous crimes?

    Saddam Hussein, a man responsible for over 100,000 murders and countless rapes and tortures; a man who has no regard for the lives or the well-being of others, is demanding his rights before the courts.

    Excuse me? Did I miss something here?

    This is why we should have just dropped a couple of frag grenades down that spider hole he was hiding in rather than risking the life of a perfectly good US soldier to capture him.

    This is proof of just how selfish and demented this man truly is.

    To think he has a right to anything decent after al that he has done is completely insane. I say let him defend himself at his trial. Feed him nothing but bread and water. Reduce the size of his cell to a 5x5x5 foot cage with no bed and only a tiny toilet for both eliminating waste and providing drinking water.

    Better yet, strip him naked, tie him up, and toss him into a room filled with homosexual prisoners, preferably violent ones who enjoy raping their cellmates. Then we can let Larry Flynt do the first constructive thing of his life by filming what happens, editing it, and distributing it worldwide.

    Toss Saddam to the people be tortured, mutilated, and brutalized. Give them permission to do anything they want to short of killing him for about 2 weeks. When they are done he will beg for death, all bravado gone, stolen by getting what he gave so generously.

    To listen to retired Admiral and former US Attorney General (under LBJ) Clark you would think Saddam is some kind of martyr to be sympathized with rather than a bloodthirsty psychopath to be reviled. Let us take a brief look at the nature of this man who is defending Saddam.

    He has made a career out of defending the worst criminals and psychopaths around the world. These are people so bad that no one else would have the low standards or pitiful morals to actually defend their actions. He is willing to lie and make up any excuse he can imagine in order to make a jury sympathize with his client as being some sort of victim rather than a sociopathic victimizer. He seeks to justify the worst atrocities anyone could commit and make them appear normal. This guy is absolutely reprehensible.

    He claims he does it to protect these animal’s “rights”. I say he does it because he approves of what they do. This makes him an accessory to these atrocities.

    Saddam deserves no rights. As one of the worst human rights abusers since Stalin died he has no place receiving humane treatment from anyone. It is a testament to the noble spirit of the US, and of the nascent Iraqi government, that this psychopath is being treated so well . . . so humanely when he deserves nothing good.

    This proves that we Americans are better than any petty despot, and that we have a truly noble spirit that overcomes our desire to be vengeful.

    Still, why we bothered to capture him rather than dropping a few grenades down his spider-hole is beyond me.

    Putrid Anti-War Hate

    Dear soldier,

    Have a great time in the war, and have a great time dieing in the war.

    From Miguel

    p.s. DIE

    Joshua Sparling, a soldier wounded in Iraq and currently being treated in Walter Reed Army Medical Center received this piece of hateful spew as a greeting Card. I do not know or care about the true identity of the treasonous (expletive deleted) who wrote this piece of trash, and covered the outside with patriotic stamps and stickers to make it appear enticing until it was opened. I care about the enormous group of people who have been spewing these sentiments about our brave servicemen and women ever since the war started.

    This is a hateful tactic of the far left with a long history in the US. I spoke to a lady today who regaled me with a story of how, when her husband was in Vietnam, she received a phone call telling her that her husband had been killed in action. Fortunately for her she grew up as a military brat and knew that such notices were always hand delivered by a uniformed soldier. I have heard reports of similar phone calls being made to the families of servicemen in this war.

    This is what I am talking about when I say that the left has been giving aid and comfort to the enemy. They actively seek to undermine troop morale. They make incessant demands that we capitulate to the terrorists and leave Iraq before we finish our work there. They present an active and highly visible schism in America that our enemies look to for hope and comfort. They show the terrorists that what they do works on some people.

    This must end.

    Monday, December 05, 2005

    A Comparison of Conservatives and Liberals

    In Word this was in really neat columns. I guess blogger doesn't allow that.


    The US was founded on Judeo/Christian values.

    Understand the role of religion in government.

    Marriage is about families.

    We are responsible for our actions.

    Democracy and Capitalism good!

    You can say anything.

    The military is a necessity.

    Give generously to charity and help the needy.

    Education is failing because of bad teaching.

    We must find a way to preserve the environment while preserving our needs and way of life.

    Preserve the environment by funding reclamation projects and purchasing tracts of land to be set aside as reserves.

    Value ALL human life.

    Have the guts to stick with an unpleasant or dangerous task until it is finished.

    Believe in national sovereignty.


    The US was founded as a secular nation.

    Think religion has no role in government.

    Marriage is about rights.

    It’s all society’s fault.

    Communism and Socialism good!

    You can say as long as I agree with it.

    The military is a waste of money.

    Tax generously and redistribute wealth to the lazy along with the needy.

    Education is failing because we aren’t spending enough on it.

    We must protect everything about nature regardless of the cost or consequences.

    Think they are protecting the environment by suing businesses and mounting protests where several dump trucks worth of litter is left lying around.

    Value the lives of murderers and rapists over the lives of babies and cripples.

    Cut and run at the first sign of adversity.

    Believe in UN supremacy / globalism.

    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Debate of the Week 10: Religion of Peace

    Is Islam truly a religion of peace, or is it all a devilish lie?

    This one is going to hurt my chances of ever becoming President, and yet, I do not care.

    Here’s my stance:

    Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of war, always has been, always will be.

    First, history!

    When Mohammed founded Islam he was an exile from his native Mecca, supposedly for being laughed out as a heretic, or driven out as criminal. Either way, he was a brigand who not only robbed caravans on a regular basis, he also wrote about the pleasures of plunder in the Koran. While he was away he used religion to raise an army of holy warriors to return to Mecca and conquer it, which he succeeded in doing. From that point forward he waged Jihad, which in literal terms means “struggle”, but in practical terms has always meant war, against any city he thought he could conquer. Every place he conquered he gave the people two choices: convert to Islam, or die. This pattern continues to this day as is evidenced by the Jihadists and Terrorists worldwide, as well as local oppression within otherwise officially peaceful nations like Saudi Arabia, where every Friday they have a public execution of Christians, and the occasional Jew. Forty-nine out of fifty terrorist worldwide are Muslims. The most violent nations o\in the world today are ones with large Muslim populations. Religion of peace my butt!

    Now, theology!

    I am convinced the antichrist will be a Muslim man. I think this because his birthplace is supposed to be somewhere in northern Iraq, or just north of Iraq. Also, the antichrist will behead every Christian he finds, and the only people beheading people these days are Muslims.

    The Muslims claim to be descended from Ishmael. Ishmael is Abraham’s firstborn son to his slave girl Haggar. He was not the child of the promise, but God did give him a blessing where it was declared that his descendents would be “as a baying ass” and would “be a scourge unto their brothers”. Theologically speaking those brothers would be the Jews, whom the actively persecute at all turns, as was demanded by Mohammed himself. In my opinion, any religion or philosophy that demands the eradication of the Jews is pure Hellspawn. Frankly, all the persecution that the Jews have suffered throughout history is proof positive that they are the ones the Lord has blessed and chosen to bless the world. The devil hates all that God favors. The fact that the world will try to wipe out Israel in the last days is further evidence that Islam is likely to be heavily involved.

    What do you think?

    Saturday, December 03, 2005

    Talent, Lifer, Mandarin Test

    Not bad if I do say so myself.

    I'm a Talent!

    You're a risk-taker, and you follow your passions. You're determined to take on the world and succeed on your own terms. Whether in the arts, science, engineering, business, or politics, you fearlessly express your own vision of the world. You're not afraid of a fight, and you're not afraid to bet your future on your own abilities. If you find a job boring or stifling, you're already preparing your resume. You believe in doing what you love, and you're not willing to settle for an ordinary life.

    Talent: 56%
    Lifer: 44%
    Mandarin: 44%

    Take the Talent, Lifer, or Mandarin quiz.

    Friday, December 02, 2005

    Death Sentence Gladiators

    This posting is based off a fanciful and satirical conversation I had with one of my patients today. Be aware that I am not advocating this. Gladiator games are reprehensible to the core. Still it was a fun conversation. Here’s the gist of it.

    Why not have all death row inmates fight each other to the death in the fashion of the old Roman gladiators?

    Think about it.

    If justice were fully meted out to the worst members of our society, the murderers, rapists, child molesters, terrorists, and drug dealers would all be sentenced to die for their crimes. So rather than let them suck up millions of dollars while they fight the system they could make the prison system billions of dollars by fighting each other to the death. As long as the condemned man or woman keeps winning he or she will live. Losing is death, and that means the sentence has been carried out.

    How would this make billions? Pay-per-view of course! No less than 60,000,000 people would tune in for $40 each on pay-per-view for every fight. Yes, there are least this many people who would love to see the degenerates kill each other off, probably far more with a worldwide audience. That means that each fight would rake in at least $2,400,000,000. Just a few fights each year would pay for the entire prison system with money left over. This makes good financial sense. Each condemned person would actually make the government money rather than wasting millions. This doesn’t even count gambling revenue, which gets taxed.

    Not ever fight would be fair. Terrorists are a mixed bunch and would be the wildcards. Child molesters are generally weak, hence their preying on the most helpless members of our society. They wouldn’t stand a chance against a hardened murderer or drug dealer. Rapists would most likely beat child molesters, though they are also people who prey on those who are weaker than them, but would be less likely to survive a fight with a murderer or drug dealer. Drug dealers would generally stand the best chance against murderers, especially against the sneaky ones. However, the most dominant gladiators are likely to be the most brutal, most psychotic murderers. People like Tookie Williams in his younger days.

    Who wouldn’t have loved to see Tookie Williams chop Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmler into pieces? How about watching Ted Bundy slaughter a few child molesters?

    Justitainment is what this would be. It is the People’s Court taken its greatest extreme.

    Being serious for a moment I must point out a few things.

    Such a system would make heroes of the worst dregs of our society. Young children would grow up wanting to emulate their favorite depraved killers, I mean gladiators. It would cheapen life in general. It would harden the population to violence and make us a more violence prone people as a whole by glorifying real slaughter. It would also open up the prison system to corruption of Running Man proportions where the guys running the gladiator program would be tempted to frame up non-death penalty criminals for murders in prison and make them fight to the death. This would be a very bad thing to do.

    Still . . .

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    Tribute to Many

    Raving Conservative has passed 2 milestones this week. I have had my 5,000th visitor to this blog, and I had my first day where over 200 people visited here. Over 90 other blogs have now linked to this one as of this week as well. It’s hard to believe that I only started this blog in September (Archives past that are artificially placed there to coincide with when the articles were originally written despite my not having a blog yet.) and it has already reached this level of success.

    This said I want to take some time to personally thank all of my readers who have made this possible, and to send out a special thanks to some very special readers.

    One of the things I love about this blog is that it is not monolithic in its readership. Conservatives and liberals alike read, comment, and debate here, usually civilly. Excellent points are frequently made on both sides of the aisle, and the occasional moderate even chimes in with some balance for particularly polarized discussions. This post is for all of you.

    First let me address my first two readers, and also my first two links. Jimmy B, the Conservative UAW Guy has an excellent and funny blog of his own, and while he only comments occasionally here his comments tend to be very kind. He is a contributor to many blogs (and is a partner on this one though he has yet to contribute here).

    Rick, over at Being RIGHT! Is a convert from liberalism, an officer at his local Republican office, and, most special to me, a Jew. (I happen to really like Jews. They tend to have a reverence for Almighty God that puts most Christians to shame. They are also God’s chosen people He has destined to bless the whole of the Earth. As a Christian I believe this blessing came in the form of Jesus Christ, and will continue as Jews are God’s witnesses to the world during the tribulation.) His intelligence and wit always spice up a debate. He doesn’t post terribly often at his own blog, but his posts are always thoughtful and meaningful.

    Phantom_Driver is a very opinionated reader who always makes a point and couldn’t care less what you think of him for making it. He is a retired Navy pilot who fought in Vietnam (Thanks for your long and dedicated service, Sir!) He contributes greatly to nearly every debate, and often adds interesting facts and links. His first blog, Right is Right, was hacked and deleted by an unknown schill. His new blog, Phantom Driver’s Blog, continues the tradition of excellence he began with his first. It is also one of the few blogs that is so good that I must demure to it as being superior to my own. On a side note, one of the many benefits of his participation here is that it allows me to remain above the fray. Every time I’m tempted to utterly blast someone for saying something undeniably vulgar, stupid, or un-American, he beats me to it, thereby reliving me of the need to do it personally. In a way, he is like a bulldog, here and elsewhere, constantly fighting the good fight with reason, facts, and very little tact. I admire that in a man.

    Gayle is a tough old lady who definitely isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is an upright person who isn’t afraid to speak up for truth, and backs up her friends. She contributes to FIVE blogs (ouch) but two are hers exclusively. They are Gayle’s Republican Blog, and Let Our Voices Be Heard. I highly recommend both.

    Right Wing Professor doesn’t comment much, but he always makes a point, usually one that is supposed to make ME think, and he succeeds. His blog, Right Wing Nation, is incredible. I am constantly amazed that a university professor could be so outspokenly conservative. I thought it was against the law to both a teacher and a conservative anymore.

    Rebekah is only 15 and wise beyond her years. Her blog, Eye of the Storm, is nothing if not pretty. It is also very well done, although it is only updated every couple of days. Her youthful perspective and outspoken Christianity are an asset whenever she comments here.

    Dr. Phat Tony doesn’t comment much, but he is always funny when he does. His Blog, Dr. Phat Tony’s is endlessly hilarious. He is also ex-military, which bumps him up about a hundred notches in my book. Also, be sure to check out his store, Dr. Phat Tony’s Swag, linked under “Buy Stuff!” for some nifty patriotic apparel.

    Steve the Pirate also doesn’t comment much, but his blog is pure comic genius. He also has a history of working his butt off for conservative Republicans when election time comes around. This is one man who really cares about where this nation is headed.

    AB Freedom, over at ABFreedom, and JustThinkin, over at Critter’s Musings are both conservative Canadians from Alberta who frequent this blog and comment regularly. They taught me a new word “lieberal”, and while I don’t tend to use it, since not ALL liberals are liars, some are just misled, I have to say I like their attitude. Both of their blogs are amazingly informative and more conservative than anything I expected from Canada. Also, being Canadians, I feel a bit of special kinship with them since my own Grandfather is a Canuck from New Brunswick who immigrated to the US.

    Last, and certainly not least, is Peakah, over at Peakah’s Provocations. He’s only an occasional reader, and commenter, but his blog blows mine away. He posts excellent newsy articles loaded with superb links. Check it out.

    Now for my liberal regulars, without them there would be no debate. For this I give them my most hearty thanks.

    First is Dan Trabue. While we rarely agree, he has always been polite and thoughtful both here and at his own blog, A Payne Hollow Visit. He has a lot of heart and compassion, so much so that I sometimes think it overcomes his reason. He is also the one who inspired me to open a “worthy opponents” section in my sidebar links. He’s a liberal, but he’s a decent guy too.

    Next is Catastrohile. He is the only liberal to be linked under the honor roll for two reasons. 1- Everything he says is both intelligent and pointed. 2- He strikes me as more libertarian than truly liberal. His blog, Catastrophile, is rarely kind to anyone he disagrees with, but it is both intelligent and amusing, that is, as long as you are not easily offended.

    Samurai Sam is a regular reader and occasional commenter. For good research, thoughtful and provoking writing, and spirited debate, his blog, A Beginner’s Mind, is the best liberal blog I know of. We rarely agree, but he is a decent guy and I respect him.

    Sorry if I have left anyone out. It is not a slight against you. I just wanted to acknowledge my most regular commenters and most impressive links. I truly believe good people deserve recognition.

    Store Launch

    Since the Christmas shopping season is now in full swing I have decided to officially launch (and plug) my online store.

  • Raving's Rants

  • I am currently offering various shirts with one of two humorous and vicious designs. I call them Club PETA, and PETA Eater. Click the link above to see the entire line.

    As some of you know PETA just irritates me. This is my way of knocking them and getting paid to do it. If the prices seem a bit high please don’t blame me. Café Press sets the prices; I just get a dinky commission for my designs. I cannot afford the premium store just yet so my designs are somewhat limited. Once I earn enough to pay the premium fee expect more.

    Also, if you have any ideas on how to improve my existing designs I am all ears, as long as you understand that you will not be compensated for them.

    So look! Buy! Pass the site on to your like-minded friends! Let’s show PETA (and others to come) exactly what we think of them!

    And be sure to check out Dr. Phat Tony’s swag in my sidebar for some excellent patriotic anti-terrorist gear as well.

    Hitler Reincarnated as an Arab

    JERUSALEM – A terrorist known in his hometown as "Hitler" – both for his physical resemblance to the German dictator and for his policies – has swept local primaries and will represent his district for the ruling Fatah party in upcoming Palestinian legislative elections, according to Palestinian sources.

    By Aaron Klein© 2005 WorldNetDaily.com

    If I believed in reincarnation I would be very afraid right now. Not only does this guy look like Hitler, he is behaving the way Hitler did after he rose to power. People he even suspects of being disloyal or of aiding Israelis are executed by him. He is a virulent anti-Semite. He even belongs to a radical revolutionary group . . . the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

    It is a fairly well-known fact that Arab Muslims generally supported Hitler in his campaign to wipe out the Jews during WW II. It is also widely known that Muslims are, as a rule, violently anti-Semitic. The rogue faux state of Palestine is known for it’s hatred of Israel and for harboring terrorists who actively seek the destruction of Israel and the eradication of all Jews. Palestine, through Yasser Arafat is also the birthplace of modern terrorism.

    So it seems Hitler has returned in the most appropriate place to continue his war of genocide against the Jews.

    This is even more reason for the US to give greater military support to Israel in it’s ongoing fight against these terrorists.

    It should also be noted that a certain Marwan Barghouti won 96% of the vote in his district’s primary elections. Why is this noteworthy? Because he is the founder of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and is in an Israeli prison right now serving multiple life sentences for his role in various bombings and shootings that killed Israelis. He also is part of Yasser Arafat’s Fatah party. Palestinians are now demanding his release as an important statesman.

    This is the direction Palestine is taking by popular demand of its people. This is proof that Palestine is nothing but a faux state of terrorists and murderers who must be stopped before their poison spreads even further than it already has.

    The US has declared nearly every other terrorist nation to be an enemy. The exception is Saudi Arabia, and only because our government is pandering to their oil. Palestine offers nothing of use to anyone, and yet the whole world is goose-stepping to the beat of the terrorist drum in demanding an official state of Palestine with major concessions from Israel to make some fictional “peace process” happen.

    What more proof do we need that Palestine has no intention of being at peace with Israel under any circumstances? If the last 40 years aren’t enough proof, then what more do we need? If this obvious militancy among the general population is not proof enough then what more proof is necessary? Palestine will always be a rogue state that makes war on Israel, and I’m guessing it will continue to get support from the UN, and even the US that defies logic.

    This, to me, is proof that God truly favors the Jewish people, and Israel in particular. I can think of no other people who have suffered more persecution throughout history and still managed to survive. Check that, no other people has come close to suffering the persecution of the Jews because all contenders were wiped out, except the Christians, who, despite having safe strongholds in Europe and the US, also suffer persecution on a global scale. Even so, the Jews have suffered far worse, and for far longer.

    We must stand with Israel. Failure to do so can only result in disaster.

    Thanks to Peakah, of Peakah’s Provocations for alerting me to this story.

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