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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still Alive

Hello everybody,

This is just to let you know that I am still alive and well, and video blogging on YouTube. I had thought to maintain this blog as well, but it seems that I don't have the time to video blog AND do a written blog with everything else that's going on in my life.

My YouTube Channel is DanielLevesqe ( http://www.youtube.com/user/DanielLevesque ) and it is mostly about religion with some politics mixed in. I have become a warrior in the evolution/creation debate as well.

I would have been posting my videos here as well, but I could never get Blogger to take the embed from YouTube.

This has been good for me. My writing skills are quite good, but my verbal skills were always lacking. This has been a huge help in developing my public speaking ability.

Sorry to take so long to let you all know.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Congressional Rip-off

Okay, SOMEONE was listening in when I called in to a radio show a month ago.

Illegal immigration was the topic. I called in and suggested that perhaps the only way to get anything done about illegal immigration was to make a bill that gave both sides everything they wanted so everyone could be pissed off about stuff they don't want being part of a bill that also did what they wanted. Now Congres has gone and done exactly that. It took tem 600 pages to outline what I could in 2 minutes of talking; but what else should we expect from a bunch of lawyers?

It will never pass, but it's valiant and thoroughly misguided effort.

Who says one man can't make a difference?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have not been posting lately because I have been working hard on my book and all of my writing efforts have been directed there. However, something momentous and tragic has happened and I must say something about it.

Reverend Jerry Falwell has died.

This is a man who had many enemies, but that is to be expected when you stand up for what is right. The Bible says that darkness hides from the light. The way dark people hated the light that was Jerry Falwell proved it beyond any doubt. He said some stupid things, but we all do that from time to time. The only difference between this great man and the rest of us nobodies is that he had a national voice and vocal enemies who also had a national voice to attack him every time he put his foot in his mouth.

This man did more good in his lifetime than most thousand people will do combined. He was kind, honest, generous, driven, and always faithful to God. If everyone in the world shared these qualities all of the world's problems would be solved.

More than anything the Reverend Falwell would want to be remembered as a man of God. While he was a powerful political activist who is partly responsible for reshaping the political landscape in America, this was not his most importat work. It was his work in service to God that is his greatest legacy. He served as a role model for all mankind, and some people loved him for it, and some people hated him for it. My regular readers know what I think of people who hate what God calls good and what I think of people who love what God calls good, and I will not go into that here.

America lost a national treasure this day. Reverend Jerry Falwell, you will be sorely missed.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Let’s Talk Imus

Okay, enough already. Don Imus was fired after making a bone-headed comment on the radio that two of the most notorious racists in America heard and made a stink over. To hear the hubbub you would think that his syndicate made a moral decision based upon the complaints of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (Reverend omitted intentionally).

Not quite the case.

Imus wasn’t fired until AFTER his advertisers started to abandon him en masse. That makes this a financial decision, not a moral one.

Hey baby, it’s just business. I would have fired him too if the profits from his show dried up on me.

What blows my mind is the way radio people are going on about sponsor intimidation as if it were something new and that there is suddenly a grave threat to free speech on the radio that was never there before. The threat has always been there because there have always been people seeking to destroy radio and television personalities that they just don’t like.

Has everyone forgotten what happened to Dr. Laura’s television show?

You may recall that her television show was cancelled in spite of good ratings because a controversial group of people, homosexuals, who are a much smaller community than the black community, threatened to boycott the advertisers on her show.

This is old hat for libs that want to see conservatism silenced. The only real issue here is that conservatives have yet to use the same tactic effectively against liberals that we find offensive.

Remember the movement to boycott every sponsor of the gay pride convention in San Diego a few years back? Of course not, the only way you would have heard about it was to listen to Christian radio. Lack of media coverage marginalized an effort by a group of people who make up more than 60% of this country to erode sponsor support from the homosexual movement. Homosexuals, comprising a mere 2-3% of the American population successfully had Dr. Laura booted from television by doing the exact same thing, but with massive media coverage.

Kind of makes you think doesn’t it? Makes you think that maybe the media covered one while ignoring the other because they stand for the one and against the other.

Who says the media isn’t biased?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Plot Thickens

As I learn more about the Virginia Tech Gunman I begin to see more of his psyche that may shed light on what may have shaped him into a being capable of such evil.

In particular I am referring to his fictional writings.

As a writer of both fiction and nonfiction myself I know that authors frequently draw upon real life experiences to create their fictional stories. This guy had a common theme in his fictional writings: Boys being raped by older men.

This causes me to ask one very important question:

Who raped him as a boy?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy in Virginia

Yesterday the worst mass murder by shooting on American soil in history was committed. 32 dead, including the murderer who shot himself at the end. Words cannot describe the horror of such a monstrous act committed anywhere, much less a school, in this case a university, a place where we expect our children to be safe and learn knowledge and skills they will need to have a successful future. Having the lives of children tragically cut short in such a manner and in such a place is heartbreaking.

I do not use profanity lightly, but some is coming. If you are easily offended do not read on.

The only mercy in this whole disgusting situation is that the sick fuck who committed this atrocity also killed himself, which saves us the trouble of having to kill him. I do not care who he is, what his ethnicity is, what his affiliations are, if he had mental health issues, or anything else. I only care that he murdered 31 innocent people. Such an act must be met with punishment by death. Unfortunately, the court system keeps death row inmates around sometimes for decades before finally meting out justice. The murderer took his own life at the end of his murderous spree, and that saved us the trouble of trying him in a court system that looks for any excuse to let sick bastards like this off the hook and to extend their lives when justice demands execution.

Some people are using this tragedy as an opportunity to call for greater gun control. I however, cannot help but wonder how many lives might have been saved if even 2% of the students in the classes he shot had been carrying concealed weapons and therefore been able to shoot back. What if someone in the first building had been armed and shot the murderer? Would that not have saved the lives of everyone who died in the second shooting?

Do not make the mistake of blaming the guns for this crime. If guns were not so tightly controlled someone might have had one and stopped this murder spree before it had the chance to reach its horrific conclusion.

Gun control, laws preventing guns from being carried on any school property, and other measures taken to prevent gun crime did not stop this shooting spree from happening, and they never do. If we start banning guns because of this then there will be more gun violence as the criminals who don’t respect any law, much les gun control laws, are able to wield guns illegally while the law abiding population is left defenseless. The proof is in, cities that have concealed carry have less crime than cities that ban it. Crime, especially gun crime, rises when guns are banned. Do not make the mistake of banning guns in the misguided belief that doing so makes it safer. The opposite is true.

If only some of the students in those classrooms were armed and could have shot back . . .

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hyppocrisy and Bigotry

I took a break from blogging because there has been such a myriad of insanity inflicted upon America in the last month, largely by the Democrats in Congress, that if I were to write about it all I fear myhead would have exploded at the sheer absurdity that has been forced into reality against all logic, sense, morals, reason, and intelligence. However, something has come to my attention that stands out even in the midst of this insanisty.

Allow me to lay out the foundation before I tell you the actual event.

As everyone in the world who has access to information knows, America was attacked by terrorists. Subsequently, there have been bold attacks in Europe as well. Globally, there has been an uprise in terorism as a whole. The common thread in all of this terrorism is Islam.

Given this fact, it is reasonable that schools would conduct terrorist attack drills. How to react to Muslim terrorists engaging in their hell-born jihad is an excellent idea.

But this?

The following is part of a release from the American Center for Law and Justice:

A mock hostage-taking with staged - albeit terrifying - gunmen descending on a New Jersey high school as part of a drill occurred late last month. Who were the portrayed terrorists?CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS.

No other group in America would tolerate this kind of religious profiling! And we will not stand for it either. Please support our efforts to hold school officials accountable for their oppressive actions. Give your online gift of support right now.

Don't get me wrong, taking precautions over school violence is imperative. However, the Burlington Township school district went over the top ... and TOOK HOLY WEEK HOSTILITY TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL.The school district decided that the group engaged in the hostage-taking activity was "right-wing fundamentalists" ... a group the school named the "New Crusaders" ... who do not believe in separation of church and state. This is unbelievable!In fact, the mock gunmen allegedly stormed the school and took students hostage, "seeking justice because the daughter of one member of the organization had been expelled for PRAYING BEFORE CLASS."

Let's inject some reality into this fantasy.


How the people who concocted this drill ever thought that Christians are a greater threat than Muslims is so far outside of reality that I am forced to conclude that they are truly insane. Who blew up the world trade center? Apparently these folks think it was Christians who were offended by anti-Christian school policies. Who has been bombing and rioting in Europe over the slightest insult? Last I knew it was Muslims and only Muslims, but apparently these morons believe that they terrorists are Christians!

The School sweree taken over by liberals long ago, and places like New Jersey, Massachussetts, California, and other liberal states are more liberal than others. This event is proof of something people like me have been declaring for a long time:

Liberalism is Anti-Christian, and liberals want to see Christianity destroyed, villified, and demonized at any cost. They are doing this because they are offended by the fact that Christianity declares right and wrong in certain terms and warns of consequences for our actions. One of the hallmarks of liberalism is simple acceptance of almost any human behavior no matter how kooky or destructive, sometimes with the caveat of declaring that causing intentional harm is bad.

Because Islam is so insignificant in America they do not feel the need to be honest in their conversation and actions regarding it. It poses no threat to their personal desires at this time by virtue of the fact that Atheists outnumber Muslims here many times over in the U.S. However, to them Christianity is an imminent threat because Christians compose a large majority of America.

They fail to realize that the greatest force for good in the world is the Christian Church.

They fail to realize that the greatest forces for women's rights in the world have been Christianity, and Juadaism before that.

They fail to realize that Christianity created the free world.

They fail to realize that if Islam were as dominant in America as Chritisanity is that they would all be executed for crimes against Allah.

Things like this cause me to question the intelligence and sanity of people who actually buy into liberal doctrines. Ideology over fact seems to be the rule of modern liberalism, and it is, in my opinion, the greatest destructive force in America.

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